Welcome to Lesbian Audiobooks a site that offers uniquely specific access to the ever-growing collection of lesbian fiction audiobooks. A sort of database if you will.

This site aims to provide a space where women can browse available audiobooks that are lesbian in content thus providing easier access, and better visibility for current and newly released audiobooks.

All the book descriptions and covers are displayed with the kind permission of the rights holders. A heartfelt thank-you for supporting this project!

Some audiobooks are not listed here, most likely due to the rights holder not giving permission or they could not be contacted.
If you are an author or publisher of lesbian fiction audiobooks and wish to be included in this listing then please contact me so that your f/f audiobooks can be added, or if you have any queries that they also can be addressed. A heads-up for audiobooks still in production is also appreciated.

There has been an enormous amount of data collected to construct this site so it is entirely possible that there will be some mistakes or omissions. If you should find any, please let me know so that I can rectify that issue.
I hope you will enjoy visiting this site time and time again.


About Me

This is supposed to be the “about me” section, to let you all know who is behind this site. But the truth is that a project like this would never be possible without the help and input from a lot of people. So this is as much about all the wonderful authors, publishers, and listeners who support this project as it is about the person who turned a pile of information into something useful.

My name is Isabelle, and as you can probably tell, I’m kind of an audiobook nerd. I always loved to listen to stories and liked it even more when they were read to me. I started with radio stories on record long before I could walk and evolved to books on tape, which I carried around on a Walkman long before Audible and smart devices became the thing. I guess it was a logical direction that I ended up studying audio recording and audio post production for the entertainment industry. It is almost hard to believe that I’m only in my thirties… Oh well, I really hope you like it here on the site and can share my love for this wonderful genre of lesbian audiobooks.