ImageTitleAuthorNarratorRuntimeSeries#Release DateGenreTagsPublisherAudioPublisherhf:tax:series_taxhf:categorieshf:tags
SlingshotCarsen TaiteKeira Grace7:46121.03.2023, , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksthe-luca-bennettcrime-mystery intrigue-thriller romancefriends-community friends-to-lovers good-bad-girls lawyer new private-investigator
The Song in My Heart
The Song in My HeartTracey RichardsonKrystal Hammond10:2319.07.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceage-40 age-gap american-lead celebrity disability femme-lead femme-femme latina-lead lots-of-angst music musician recluse rich-poor-girl second-chance-at-love taming-the-beast-thawing-the-ice-queen
As You Look
As You LookVerónica GutiérrezKyla García7:21126.07.2022Bella BooksTantor Audioa-yolanda-avila-mysterycrime-mysteryprivate-investigator
Under the Sitka Sky
Under the Sitka SkyViolet MorleyParker Everly10:2526.07.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , Independently publishedTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-30s butch-femme butch-lead dog family femme-lead forced-proximity outdoor pilot second-chance-at-love slow-burn small-town soulmates
Virgin Territory
Virgin TerritoryKenna WhiteAbby Craden7:0626.07.2022, , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceamerican-lead business-woman butch-femme butch-lead cheating-infidelity disability femme-lead ice-queen ptsd rich-poor-girl slow-burn
Illusion Lake
Illusion LakeSheryl WrightMelissa Moran10:1326.07.2022, , Bella BooksTantor Audiointrigue-thrillerbusiness-woman lawyer military-veteran
Daughter of Mystery
Daughter of MysteryHeather Rose JonesKitty Kelly13:52102.08.2022, , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioalpenniafantasy historical romancebodyguard-protection historical magic rich-poor-girl toaster-oven
Beyond the Blue
Beyond the BlueTJ O'SheaCindy Kay10:1602.08.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-gap butch-femme butch-lead doctor femme-lead ice-queen medical-professional police police-officer single-mom taming-the-beast-thawing-the-ice-queen toaster-oven workplace
The Wedding Party
The Wedding PartyTracey RichardsonParker Everly10:2709.08.2022, , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceage-gap butch-femme butch-lead femme-lead friends-to-lovers
Side Order of Love
Side Order of LoveTracey RichardsonParker Everly10:3509.08.2022, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceage-gap celebrity culinary foodie-romance golf sports
Nights of Silk and Sapphire
Nights of Silk and SapphireAmber JacobsAnastasia Watley13:2416.08.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva VerlagTantor Audioerotic-romance fantasy-romance romance fantasybdsm butch-femme butch-lead coming-of-age erotic fantasy femme-lead girl-next-door hot-physical-relations opposites-attract relations-with-toys royalty toaster-oven
Don't Let Go
Don’t Let GoSheryl WrightMelissa Moran9:3823.08.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceage-gap boss-to-lover boss-employee ceo-executive disability dog ex-military family hot-for-boss injury-recovery lots-of-angst military-veteran ptsd slow-burn trust-issues workplace
Something's Different
Something’s DifferentQuinn IvinsAnastasia Watley11:1928.03.2023, , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromanceage-gap bisexual-lead boss-employee femme-lead femme-femme ice-queen mental-health new secret-identity slow-burn workplace
The Girlfriend Arrangement
The Girlfriend ArrangementHildred BillingsAbby Craden7:20128.03.2023, , , , , , , Independently publishedTantor Audioblack-diamonderotic-romance romanceage-gap bdsm business-woman erotica fake-relationship millionaire new rich-poor-girl
Not Guilty
Not GuiltyBrit RyderAnn Shanks Etter7:0806.12.2022, , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookserotic-romance romancebutch-femme butch-lead erotica femme-lead firefighter lawyer
Just a Touch Away
Just a Touch AwayJaeAbby Craden11:03128.03.2023, , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-20s age-40 age-gap american-lead enemies-to-lovers forced-proximity ice-queen new opposites-attract slow-burn
The Last Memory
The Last MemoryNicole Higginbotham-HogueKris Szczesny1:5609.03.2023Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary
A Kick in the Heart
A Kick in the HeartErin WadeMelody Alice02:4006.03.2023Erin WadeErin Waderomance
Queen of Love
Queen of LoveCynthia Dane, Hildred BillingsKassandra Cherry13:1406.03.2023, Barachou PressBarachou Pressromancebdsm new
Dance with Me
Dance with MeGeorgia BeersLula Larkin9:1207.03.2023, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromancedance ex-partner femme-lead people-of-color
Guarding Evelyn
Guarding EvelynErin ZakLula Larkin10:3601.02.2023, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress age-40 age-gap agents american-lead bodyguard-protection boss-to-lover boss-employee bravery celebrity children coming-out crime femme-lead femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen injury-recovery mystery new opposites-attract secret-service showbiz single-mom slow-burn workplace
Sour Grapes
Sour GrapesEliza LentzskiLindsey Dorcus10:2207.02.2023Independently PublishedTantor Audioromanceslow-burn
Hat Trick
Hat TrickAli Spooner, K.L. GallagherHeidi Bindhammer9:5909.02.2023Affinity E-Book Press NZ LtdAffinity E-Book Press NZ Ltdromancesports
Once upon a Galactic Time
Once upon a Galactic TimeN.D. SharAbby Craden6:24101.11.2022, Independently PublishedTantor Audioalpha-redsifimilitary space-opera
As Far As It Takes
As Far As It TakesNatalie DebrabandereEmma Wilder8:4116.06.2020, , Independently PublishedTantor Audioromancebusiness-owner coming-out sports
Keeping Hope
Keeping HopeKim PritekelHeidi Bindhammer7:37402.03.2023Sapphire BooksSapphire Bookswynter-seriesromance
AwakeningCassidy StormFaith Clark2:2708.02.2019, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishederotic-romance erotica romancebdsm erotica femme-femme
Girl Talk
Girl TalkCassidy StormAlessandra Wilder4:5327.06.2018, , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishederotic-romance erotica romancebisexual-lead coming-out erotica femme-femme mystery toaster-oven
The Pyramid Waltz
The Pyramid WaltzBarbara Ann WrightKeira Grace12:11128.02.2023, , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksa-pyradiste-adventureaction-adventure fantasy-romance fantasymagic new other-worlds people-of-color private-investigator royalty wedding
Down to a Science
Down to a ScienceHaley CassLori Prince6:09128.02.2023, , , , , , , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audioi-heart-sapphfic-pride-collectioncontemporary romancecoming-out femme-lead femme-femme firefighter friends-to-lovers new scientist slow-burn toaster-oven
Strong Force
Strong ForceRené RobertsE.M. Burton10:0928.02.2023, , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancenew ptsd
The Woman Who Climbed a Mountain
The Woman Who Climbed a MountainJamey MoodyTessa Stavers7:06228.02.2023, Independently PublishedTantor Audiosecond-chanceromancenew soulmates
Foxy Lady
Foxy LadyCara MaloneTegan Bourke5:13222.02.2023Independently PublishedLisbon Pressfur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
Puppy Love
Puppy LoveCara MaloneTegan Bourke5:22322.02.2023Independently PublishedLisbon Pressfur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
Lucky in Lace
Lucky in LaceMelissa BraydenLula Larkin11:0223.02.2023, , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancenew workplace
Capturing Tess
Capturing TessAnna StoneAllie Shae6:3624.02.2023, , , , , Violet Ocean PressViolet Ocean Presserotic-romance romanceage-gap bdsm erotica financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen new
HOWL: Home of the Wayward Lovers
HOWL: Home of the Wayward LoversLucy BexleyAbby Craden6:40728.02.2023, , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audioi-heart-sapphfic-pride-collectioncontemporary romanceboss-employee chosen-family new opposites-attract
Barring Complications
Barring ComplicationsBlythe RipponSamantha Cook8:49107.03.2023, , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiothe-love-and-law-seriescontemporary romancecoming-out law lawyer new politics second-chance-at-love
It's in Her Kiss
It’s in Her KissRachel LaceyLori Prince8:41222.02.2023, , , , , , Rachel LaceyRachel Laceymidnight-in-manhattanromanceactress celebrity coming-out femme-lead femme-femme friends-to-lovers workplace
Awakening Hearts: A Tale of Love Across Lifetimes
Awakening Hearts: A Tale of Love Across LifetimesAngie K. LoveNatalia Williams15:31127.05.2022, , , , , , , Angie K. LoveAngie K. Loveawakening-seriesliterary-fiction romanceforced-proximity friends-to-lovers grief loss taboo-forbidden-relationship toaster-oven widow
Three's a Crowd
Three’s a CrowdKate GavinPiper Goodeve8:4421.02.2023, , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromancebisexual-lead friends-to-lovers new new-adult
Amid Secrets
Amid SecretsStacy Lynn MillerLori Prince10:11321.02.2023, , Bella BooksTantor Audiofalling-castlesmystery romancechildren new
The Woman at the Top of the Stairs
The Woman at the Top of the StairsJamey MoodyTessa Stavers7:28121.02.2023, Independently PublishedTantor Audiosecond-chanceromanceage-gap new
I Dare You to Love Me
I Dare You to Love MeLori G. MatthewsEllie Gossage08:5314.02.2023, , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancefemme-femme new
On a Wing and a Chair
On a Wing and a ChairLouise McBainMelissa Moran07:3814.02.2023Bella BooksTantor Audioromancenew
The Lines of Happiness
The Lines of HappinessVenetia Di PierroAnn Sprinkle10:02114.02.2023Bella BooksTantor Audiothe-lines-of-happinessromancenew
Camptown Ladies
Camptown LadiesMari SanGiovanniBren McElroy11:1101.11.2022Bywater BooksBywater Booksromance
Aurora's Angel
Aurora’s AngelEmily NoonAbby Craden20:4003.11.2020, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Bluefire BooksTantor Audiofantasy fantasy-romance paranormaladventure age-20s butch-femme butch-lead dark-fantasy dragon fantasy femme-lead lots-of-angst magic shapeshifter slow-burn supernatural
Always and Forever
Always and ForeverLyn DenisonJenny Walters07:4110.01.2023, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedromancebusiness-woman returning-home singer
Sit. Stay. Love
Sit. Stay. LoveKaris Walsh7:1909.02.2023, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceanimals friends-community friends-to-lovers new small-town veterinarian
UnbrokenErik SchubachTahliah Ambrose05:24409.02.2023, , , , Erik SchubachErik Schubachthe-bridgefantasy-romance urban-fantasy fantasyfantasy new supernatural vacation-travel
DiscoveryMelissa TerezeEmma Griffiths10:3610.02.2023, , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedromanceage-40 age-gap children escort friends-community new teacher
Future Wife
Future WifeNicole PylandBlair Baker09:0708.02.2023, , , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingromance sifidivorce historical new nursed-back-to-health teacher time-travel tomboy
What Happened After...
What Happened After…Nicole PylandCarolyn Eve07:10705.01.2023, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedholiday-seriescontemporary romancecommitted-couple new poly
The Wait Is Over
The Wait Is OverNicole PylandCarolyn Eve08:59615.12.2022, , , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedholidayromancebutch-femme butch-lead femme-lead holiday it-geek misfit-socially-awkward slow-burn workplace xmas-in-july
All the Love Songs
All the Love SongsNicole PylandMelissa Moran10:44224.07.2019, , , , , , , , , , Pyland PublishingTantor Audiocelebritiescontemporary romanceactress angst bisexual-lead femme-femme forced-proximity love-at-first-sight misfit-socially-awkward neurodiverse toaster-oven vacation-travel
No After You
No After YouNicole PylandMelissa Moran6:39110.06.2020, , , , , , , , , Pyland PublishingTantor Audiocelebritiescontemporary romancebisexual-lead femme-lead femme-femme love-at-first-sight musician only-one-bed beach toaster-oven vacation-travel
Reality Check
Reality CheckNicole PylandHeather Costa6:1214.07.2020, , , Pyland PublishingTantor Audioromanceactress adventure opposites-attract beach
Always More
Always MoreNicole PylandAmanda Dolan6:55125.08.2020, Pyland PublishingTantor Audiosportsromanceathlete tomboy
The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go OnNicole PylandBlair Baker7:3705.01.2022, , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingromanceactress androgynous ceo-executive hot-for-boss living-abroad workplace
Love Forged
Love ForgedNicole PylandLeanne Woodward6:3706.01.2022, , , , , , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingromanceangst boat-cruise-ship butch-femme coming-of-age forced-proximity friends-to-lovers relations-with-toys secret-crush self-discovery slow-burn vacation-travel
The Writing on the Wall
The Writing on the WallNicole PylandCarolyn Eve8:17101.02.2022, , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingholidayromancebutch-femme butch-lead femme-lead holiday
The Block Party
The Block PartyNicole PylandCarolyn Eve8:24212.03.2022, , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingholidayromanceholiday hot-for-boss tomboy workplace
Midnight Tradition
Midnight TraditionNicole PylandMelissa Moran5:57324.03.2022, , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingcelebritiesromanceagainst-the-odds ceo-executive fish-out-of-water love-at-first-sight beach tomboy
Path Forward
Path ForwardNicole PylandMelissa Moran6:08408.04.2022, , , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingcelebritiesromanceactress androgynous blue-collar cheating-infidelity fish-out-of-water opposites-attract relations-with-toys beach
The Fireworks
The FireworksNicole PylandCarolyn Eve8:25324.06.2022, , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingholidayromanceangst bakery chef femme-lead femme-femme holiday second-chance-at-love
The Sweet Escape
The Sweet EscapeNicole PylandCarolyn Eve8:26401.10.2022, , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingholidayromancebakery butch-femme chef foodie-romance holiday secret-crush
Pride Festival
Pride FestivalNicole PylandCaz Everly4:36526.07.2022, , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingi-heart-sapphfic-pride-collectionromanceandrogynous bisexual-lead coming-of-age first-love non-binary secret-crush self-discovery
An Art to Love
An Art to LoveHelena HarteHope Newhouse7:4129.03.2023, , , , , , , , , , , , , Butterworth BooksButterworth Bookscontemporary romanceartist butch-femme butch-lead ceo-executive femme-lead friends-to-lovers grief homecoming new opposites-attract second-chance-at-love secret-crush small-town
The Child Riddler
The Child RiddlerAngela GreenmanXe Sands9:2826.07.2022, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiosuspense thrilleraction crime espionage spy workplace
AlstromJane RetzigNaomi Rose-Mock06:2330.06.2022, , , , Jane RetzigJane Retzigromanceage-60s celebrity family-drama rock-star second-chance-at-love
Matters of the Heart
Matters of the HeartCatherine MaiorisiLila Winters10:1626.07.2022, , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-40 disability doctor little-angst medical medical-romance rich rich-poor-girl wheelchair
The Blood Runs Cold
The Blood Runs ColdCatherine MaiorisiAbby Craden8:37228.09.2021, , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiochiara-corelli-mysterycrime-mysteryage-30s american-lead butch-lead cop crime detective ex-military mystery police-procedural veteran
A Matter of Blood
A Matter of BloodCatherine MaiorisiAbby Craden8:29131.08.2021, , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiochiara-corelli-mysterycrime-mysteryage-30s american-lead butch-lead cop crime detective ex-military mystery police-procedural veteran
A Message in Blood
A Message in BloodCatherine MaiorisiAbby Craden8:34314.12.2021, , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiochiara-corelli-mysterycrime-mysteryage-30s american-lead butch-lead cop crime detective ex-military mystery police-procedural ptsd veteran
Legacy in the Blood
Legacy in the BloodCatherine MaiorisiAbby Craden8:29426.04.2022, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiochiara-corelli-mysterycrime-mysterycop ex-military police-officer police-procedural ptsd veteran
RadiantJudy SapphireIslay Jacobs08:3507.02.2023, , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceartist butch-femme butch-lead debut-novel enemies-to-lovers femme-lead lawyer new
Queen of Humboldt
Queen of HumboldtTagan ShepardAllie Shae06:39107.02.2023, , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceaction butch-femme butch-lead criminal enemies-to-lovers femme-lead new politics second-chance-at-love
Rescue Me
Rescue MeMichelle L. TeichmanEmily Beresford09:0707.02.2023, , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiomystery romance suspenseage-gap canada crime law-enforcement medical mystery new player-rep police
Lie to Me
Lie to MeCynthia Dane, Hildred BillingsAlannah Simone13:1807.02.2023, , Barachou PressBarachou Pressalannah-simoneeroticabdsm erotica new
Defining Moment
Defining MomentKA MollEmily Beresford05:35322.11.2022, , , , , , , , , KAM BooksKAM Booksdallincontemporary romanceaccident american-lead butch-femme butch-lead dog femme-lead lawyer medical medical-romance
Seeing by Heart
Seeing by HeartKA MollEmily Beresford05:3922.09.2021, , , , , , , , , , , , , , KAM BooksKAM Bookscontemporary romanceage-40 american-lead animals blind business-owner butch-femme butch-lead disability femme-lead horses lots-of-angst ranch soulmates toaster-oven
The Preacher's Daughter
The Preacher’s DaughterKA MollEmily Beresford05:41213.06.2022, , , , , , , , , , KAM BooksKAM Booksdallincontemporary romanceage-40 american-lead butch-femme doctor firefighter lots-of-angst medical pilot second-chance-at-love soulmates
Dear Kane; What I Wish We Would Have Said
Dear Kane; What I Wish We Would Have SaidSharon AngeliciJen Tidwell0:4519.08.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedshort-story
Origin of the Maker
Origin of the MakerSharon AngeliciJen Tidwell12:48325.02.2022Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-makerfantasy-romance fantasy
The Magick and the Maker
The Magick and the MakerSharon AngeliciJen Tidwell08:58213.07.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-makerfantasy-romance fantasy
Mark of the Maker
Mark of the MakerSharon AngeliciJen Tidwell05:57126.04.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-makerfantasy-romance fantasy
Topolcianky - The romantic corner with the willow and bench in park of palace in Topolcianky.
Darcy Comes HomeJen SilverNicola Victoria Vincent05:2917.05.2022, , , , , Affinity Rainbow PublicationsIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancecoming-home dysfunctional-family going-home reunion reunited-lovers
Christmas in Mistletoe
Christmas in MistletoeClare LydonClaire Storey8:1719.09.2022Custard BooksCustard Booksromance
The Lady Adventurers Club
The Lady Adventurers ClubKaren FrostKim Bretton10:1420.09.2022Bella BooksTantor Audiohistorical
Bringing Me Dreams
Bringing Me DreamsKG MacGregorKrystal Hammond8:2827.09.2022, , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancedog grief slow-burn suicide
A Story of Now
A Story of NowEmily O’BeirneCat Gould13:09127.09.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioa-story-of-nowromance young-adultaustralia australian-lead bisexual-lead college coming-of-age coming-out femme-lead femme-femme friends-to-lovers slow-burn toaster-oven young-adult
A Whisper of Solace
A Whisper of SolaceMilena McKayAbby Craden11:5127.09.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-30s age-40 age-gap american-lead author-writer broken-childhood celebrity ceo-executive coming-out femme-lead hot-physical-relations ice-queen lots-of-angst second-chance-at-love taming-the-beast-thawing-the-ice-queen
Hard Pressed
Hard PressedAurora ReyKeira Grace8:4403.10.2022, , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers food foodie-romance small-town workplace
FoolproofLeigh HaysLula Larkin8:1203.10.2022, Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromancefriends-to-lovers military
Deadly Secrets
Deadly SecretsVK PowellPaige McKinney7:2413.10.2022, , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection close-quarters cop military police
A Family Affair
A Family AffairHarper BlissAbby Craden7:1613.10.2022, Ladylit PublishingLadylit Publishingcontemporary romance
PinkKD WilliamsonMari4:5718.10.2022Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromance
StandomMaryn ScottAnn Sprinkle10:5418.10.2022, , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceactress american-lead celebrity femme-lead femme-femme musician
Night Flower
Night FlowerHildred BillingsAileen Bishop8:4919.10.2022, Barachou PressBarachou Presserotica uncategorizedescort
Awakening Souls: A Tale of Love Recovered
Awakening Souls: A Tale of Love RecoveredAngie K. LoveNatalia Williams8:15224.10.2022, , , , , , Angie K. LoveAngie K. Loveawakening-seriesromanceage-40 coming-out only-one-bed pet second-chance-at-love slow-burn vacation-travel
Triple Dog Dare
Triple Dog DareGeorgia BeersKeira Grace2:4524.10.2022Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromancechristmas
The Sum of These Things
The Sum of These ThingsEmily O’BeirneCat Gould14:06225.10.2022Ylva PublishingTantor Audiostory-of-nowcontemporarycoming-of-age
Flinging It
Flinging ItG. BensonCat Gould12:3325.10.2022, , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromanceasian-lead australian-lead bisexual-lead medical-romance workplace
The Woman in 3B
The Woman in 3BEliza LentzskiStefanie Kay7:0525.10.2022, , , , , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audioromanceage-gap business-woman femme-lead femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity flight-attendant rich-poor-girl workplace
Blind Bet
Blind BetTracey RichardsonSophie Daniels9:0325.10.2022, Bella BooksTantor Audioromancefemme-lead femme-femme
Golden Hour
Golden HourKat JacksonLila Winters8:5025.10.2022, Bella BooksTantor Audioromancemilitary-veteran slow-burn
Don't Cry for Me
Don’t Cry for MeRachel LaceyLori Prince9:30125.10.2022, , , , Independently PublishedRachel Laceymidnight-in-manhattanromanceangst animals celebrity ice-queen rich-poor-girl
A Christmas Miracle
A Christmas MiracleFiona RileyKeira Grace3:2927.10.2022Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromancechristmas
Blind Suspicion
Blind SuspicionStacy Lynn MillerLori Prince9:45201.11.2022, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiofalling-castlescontemporary romancefemme-femme law-enforcement private-investigator
Almost Perfect
Almost PerfectTagan ShepardLula Larkin9:3602.11.2022, Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romance
Cowboys and Kisses
Cowboys and KissesKarin KallmakerAnn Shanks Etter4:3104.11.2022, , , Independently PublishedRomance and Chocolate Inkhistoricalage-gap butch-femme historical sex-worker
The Forever Factor
The Forever FactorMelissa BraydenLula Larkin9:4407.11.2022, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancecoming-out reunion sports
MistressAnna StoneLexy Rebe32:5207.11.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Violet Ocean PressViolet Ocean Pressmistresseroticaage-gap bdsm billionaire boss-employee business-owner business-woman ceo-executive erotica fake-relationship femme-lead femme-femme ice-queen journalist poly rich-poor-girl
Miles Apart
Miles ApartA.L. BrooksAvery Reid9:3708.11.2022, , , Pyland PublishingTantor Audioromanceage-40 british-lead canadian-lead slow-burn
ArmageddonErik SchubachAllyson Voller5:351108.11.2022Erik SchubachErik Schubachurban-fairytalesfantasy
Perks of Office
Perks of OfficeLiz RainCat Gould6:0808.11.2022, , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromanceage-gap boss-to-lover boss-employee lots-of-angst personal-assistant politician politics workplace
Dusty Road Home
Dusty Road HomeIsabellaHeidi Bindhammer5 hours and 26 minutes10.11.2022, Sapphire Books PublishingSapphire Books Publishingromance uncategorized
The Misperception
The MisperceptionNicole PylandCarolyn Eve8:25510.11.2022, , , , , , Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingholidayromanceagainst-the-odds ceo-executive holiday long-distance-relationship no-strings-attached secret-crush workplace
The Glow Up
The Glow UpCara MaloneGaylen Lux5:04211.11.2022Independently PublishedCara Malonei-heart-sapphfic-pride-collectionromance
Camp Lost and Found
Camp Lost and FoundGeorgia BeersLula Larkin9:1014.11.2022, , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromanceenemies-to-lovers financial-gap-class-disparity rich-poor-girl
Just My Luck
Just My LuckAndrea BramhallRachael Beresford8:4315.11.2022, , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromanceage-gap british-lead comedy coming-out friends-to-lovers girl-next-door rich-poor-girl single-mom toaster-oven
The Set Piece
The Set PieceCatherine LaneAbby Craden6:0022.11.2022, , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromancefake-relationship sports workplace
Over the Moon with You
Over the Moon with YouJaime ClevengerAbby Craden8:2322.11.2022, , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromancebutch-femme friends-to-lovers small-town veterinarian
From Fan to Forever
From Fan to ForeverTiana WarnerAnastasia Watley7:3522.11.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceactress age-gap american-lead australian-lead celebrity ex-husband femme-lead femme-femme rich-poor-girl beach student traumatic-past
Scissor Link
Scissor LinkGeorgette KaplanAnastasia Watley8:1222.11.2022, , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioerotic-romance romanceage-gap american-lead erotic hot-physical-relations ice-queen little-angst relations-with-toys sweet workplace
ChemistryRachael SommersLori Prince9:5222.11.2022, , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceacademics-education age-gap angst enemies-to-lovers femme-lead femme-femme ice-queen workplace
SchussE.J. NoyesAbby Craden8:3722.11.2022, , , , , Bella BooksAudible Studiosromance young-adultbutch-femme celebrity friends-to-lovers sports young-adult
The Origins of Heartbreak
The Origins of HeartbreakCara MaloneVictoria Landon5:58128.11.2022Independently PublishedCara Malonelakeside-hospitalromancemedical
Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go
Leaving’s Not the Only Way to GoKay AckerEllie Gossage7:3929.11.2022, , , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromanceautism bisexual-lead child child-with-disability grief neurodiverse single-mom slow-burn small-town
The Roads Left Behind Us
The Roads Left Behind UsKat JacksonLila Winters9:3229.11.2022, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romance uncategorizedage-40 age-gap professor slow-burn
Only This Summer
Only This SummerRadclyffeLula Larkin8:2330.11.2022, , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancefirst-responders medical-romance
Lovebirds: A Fur-ever Veterinary Romance
Lovebirds: A Fur-ever Veterinary RomanceCara MaloneTegan Bourke5:27502.12.2022Independently PublishedIndependently Publisheda-fur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
Cat's Meow
Cat’s MeowCara MaloneTegan Bourke6:03405.12.2022Independently PublishedIndependently Publisheda-fur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
The Club Revisited
The Club RevisitedA.L. BrooksSophie Hunter Scott4:5606.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioeroticaage-30s age-40 age-50s bartender bdsm british-lead business-owner butch-femme disability erotica femme-lead femme-femme relations-with-toys
Write Your Own Script
Write Your Own ScriptA.L. BrooksRachael Beresford10:0206.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceactress age-40 author-writer british-lead celebrity coming-out dog femme-femme hollywood lots-of-angst vacation-travel
It Started with a Kiss
It Started with a KissClare LydonKaty Sobey07:4607.12.2022, , , , Custard BooksCustard Booksromancebritish-lead business-woman slow-burn small-town workplace
The Missus
The MissusNatasha WestLynn Harris06:3713.12.2022, , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audiocontemporary romancebisexual-lead fake-relationship femme-femme new
A Haven for the Wanderer
A Haven for the WandererJenny FrameAmy Putt07:43312.12.2022, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksa-rosebrook-romancecontemporary romanceanimals brewery country friends-community new small-town
To Be With You
To Be With YouTJ O'SheaAmy Deuchler16:0627.12.2022, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancefinancial-gap-class-disparity new rich-poor-girl second-chance-at-love young-adult
You're Fired
You’re FiredShaya CrabtreeAnastasia Watley06:4931.01.2023, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-gap bisexual-lead boss boss-employee business-woman christmas enemies-to-lovers erotica financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen new rich-poor-girl
The Loudest Silence
The Loudest SilenceOlivia JanaeAbby Craden08:3231.01.2023, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-gap american-lead boss-to-lover child deaf disability financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen music musician new rich-poor-girl
Christmas at Rainbow Falls
Christmas at Rainbow FallsT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodLori Prince05:5214.12.2022, , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-30s christmas enemies-to-lovers holiday ice-queen small-town
Annie on a Bun
Annie on a BunA.L. DuncanTessa Stavers07:3420.12.2022Bella BooksTantor Audiouncategorized
Walking the Labyrinth
Walking the LabyrinthLois Cloarec HartAnastasia Watley07:27320.12.2022, , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiothe-calgary-chroniclesromanceage-50s death-of-partner slow-burn woman-in-uniform
Mabel and Everything After
Mabel and Everything AfterHannah SafrenMarie Jenkins06:2620.12.2022, Bella BooksTantor Audioyoung-adultslow-burn young-adult
Chasing Dreams
Chasing DreamsA.L. BrooksSophie Daniels10:2620.12.2022, , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromanceanimals enemies-to-lovers slow-burn small-town
Steadying the Ark
Steadying the ArkRebecca K. JonesJen Jayden10:5127.12.2022, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiointrigue-thrillercourtroom crime law-enforcement lawyer
Still Life
Still LifeL.T. SmithRachael Beresford10:3727.12.2022, Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromancearts-crafts ex-partner
Ex-Wives of Dracula
Ex-Wives of DraculaGeorgette KaplanKrystal Hammond15:5327.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary paranormal-urban-fantasy romance urban-fantasy fantasyadventure american-lead cheerleader femme-femme friends-to-lovers horror lots-of-angst student supernatural toaster-oven vampires young-adult
ShadowboxerJessica L. WebbLula Larkin09:2227.12.2022, , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romancefinancial-gap-class-disparity homecoming reunion sports
Ten Days in May
Ten Days in MayTracey RichardsonJen Jayden11:4127.12.2022, , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromancenew reunion slow-burn small-town
Lost for Words
Lost for WordsAndrea BramhallRachael Beresford11:3327.12.2022, , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-40 british-lead butch-femme celebrity new opposites-attract rich-poor-girl workplace
Strange Attractors
Strange AttractorsAna K. WrennAbby Craden09:2827.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiomysteryacademics-education age-40 age-gap american-lead ice-queen lead-of-color mystery new opposites-attract professor romantic-subplot
The Big Uneasy
The Big UneasyA.E. RadleyElla Lynch08:13228.04.2020, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedaround-the-worldromancebisexual-lead femme-femme slow-burn
Face It
Face ItGeorgette KaplanAnastasia Watley08:19227.12.2022, , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioscissor-linkromance uncategorizedbisexual-lead christmas fake-relationship holiday new
Truth and Measure
Truth and MeasureRoslyn SinclairAbby Craden12:26120.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiothe-carlislecontemporary romanceage-20s age-30s age-gap american-lead boss-to-lover boss-employee divorce fashion femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity hot-physical-relations new new-york-city personal-assistant pregnancy rich-poor-girl sexual-discovery
Above All Things
Above All ThingsRoslyn SinclairAbby Craden09:34227.12.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiothe-carlislecontemporary romanceage-20s age-30s age-gap american-lead boss-to-lover boss-employee divorce fashion femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity hot-physical-relations new new-york-city personal-assistant pregnancy rich-poor-girl sexual-discovery
The Bridge: Traitor
The Bridge: TraitorErik Schubach05:20230.12.2022, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-bridgeurban-fantasy fantasyage-gap new supernatural
Christmas Bizarre
Christmas BizarreEmma NicholsClaire Storey07:46314.11.2022Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romanceromancechristmas
Blind Faith
Blind FaithEmma NicholsClaire Storey07:58231.01.2022, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romancecontemporary romancecoming-out young-adult
ElodieEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:2813.10.2021, , , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-30s british-lead butch-femme erotic european-lead hot-physical-relations lots-of-angst vacation-travel
Summer Fate
Summer FateEmma NicholsClaire Storey08:2624.06.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romanceromancesmall-town
Don't Tell Me Who to Love
Don’t Tell Me Who to LoveEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries07:5506.01.2023, , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancedance friends-community journey new
Cosa Nostra 2
Cosa Nostra 2Emma NicholsJessica Jeffries07:18205.05.2021, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcosa-nostracrime-mysterycrime organised-crime
Cosa Nostra
Cosa NostraEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:47101.12.2020, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcosa-nostracrime-mystery romancecrime organised-crime
CourageJesse J. ThomaKeira Grace08:1709.01.2023, , , , , , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebutch-femme cop crime enemies-to-lovers first-responders law-enforcement mental-health mystery new woman-in-uniform workplace
Love After Death
Love After DeathHildred BillingsEugenie Danglar11:1313.01.2023, , Barachou PressBarachou Pressromanceage-40 age-50s age-gap
The Six Pack
The Six PackErica LeeGaylen Lux1:10111.01.2023Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-six-packromancefriends-community
Storm Lines
Storm LinesJessica L. WebbLula Larkin09:1013.01.2023, , , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksaction-adventure intrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection children-families first-responders new police slow-burn women-in-uniform
Going Under
Going UnderMaryn ScottAnn Sprinkle11:5217.01.2023, , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocrime-mystery mystery romanceage-50s butch-femme cop crime new
Winter's Moons
Winter’s MoonsLise MacTagueLori Prince11:37317.01.2023, , Bella BooksTantor Audiofive-moons-risingparanormal-urban-fantasyfemme-femme new shapeshifter
For the Long Run
For the Long RunCheyenne BlueCat Gould09:1117.01.2023, , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceaustralian-lead dog enemies-to-lovers new opposites-attract sports
See Right Through Me
See Right Through MeL.T. SmithHannah Martin08:5424.01.2023, , Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromancemedical new teacher
Minstrel of the Andrei
Minstrel of the AndreiErik SchubachBrenda McGinnis06:21418.01.2023, Erik SchubachErik Schubachsparo-risingfantasyadventure new
CatchKris BryantMelissa Sternenberg07:5923.01.2023, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers reunion sports
Daring Duplicity
Daring DuplicityEdale LaneJennifer Lewis09:24101.08.2022, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Independently PublishedPast and Prologue Pressthe-wellington-mysteriesmysteryaction actress anthology ballet british-lead collection-of-short-stories crime cross-dressing detective espionage historical investigator kidnapping london murder mystery new pretending-to-be-a-man private-investigator
Sweet, Sweet Wine
Sweet, Sweet WineJaime ClevengerAbby Craden7:5615.11.2022, Bella BooksTantor Audioromance uncategorized
OnceL.T. SmithHannah Martin9:0511.10.2022Ylva PublishingTantor Audioromance
Timed Romance
Timed RomanceK'Anne MeinelNicola Casey13:4005.10.2022Shadoe PublishingShadoe Publishingromance
Waiting for a Love Song
Waiting for a Love SongJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:4513.09.2022, Bella BooksTantor Audioromancelibrarian musician
Simple Pleasures
Simple PleasuresKenna WhiteAbby Craden06:1706.09.2022, Bella BooksTantorcontemporary romancenew
SerendipityKris BryantMelissa Sternenberg08:2806.09.2022, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancecelebrity musician new
Getting There
Getting ThereLyn DenisonJenny Walters6:5827.07.2022, , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonromancechange contractor teacher
Sweet Sweet Revenge
Sweet Sweet RevengeLyn DenisonCat Gould8:20327.07.2022, , , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonfriends-and-loversromancecoming-out mayor revenge writer
Dreams Found
Dreams FoundLyn DenisonJenny Walters7:2626.05.2022, , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonromancecarpenter coming-out it-geek
What Happened After...
What Happened After…Nicole PylandMelissa Moran3:12516.05.2022Pyland PublishingPyland Publishingcelebritiesromancemarried-or-established-couple
Gold Fever
Gold FeverLyn DenisonJenny Walters5:4314.04.2022, , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonromancelibrarian second-chance-at-love writer
Friends and Lovers
Friends and LoversLyn DenisonCat Gould6:49111.04.2022, , , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonfriends-and-loversromancecoming-out domestic-violence police-officer teacher
Dream Lover
Dream LoverLyn DenisonAnthea Greco5:3801.04.2022, , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonromancecoming-out photographer toaster-oven
Safely Home
Safely HomeLyn DenisonCat Gould8:29201.04.2022, , Independently PublishedLyn Denisonfriends-and-loversromancereturning-home teacher teacher-student-relationship
Waiting for You
Waiting for YouElle SpencerLori Prince07:1930.04.2020, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceartist child femme-femme paranormal second-chance-at-love small-town
The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction
The Lesbian Billionaires SeductionKC LuckSenn Annis04:54227.04.2020, , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-lesbian-billionaires-clubcontemporary romanceage-gap bdsm butch-femme erotic millionaire
Don't Tell Me Twice
Don’t Tell Me TwiceNicole Higginbotham-HogueKris Szczesny02:24124.04.2020Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedjems-and-jamzuncategorized
Keep Holly Close
Keep Holly CloseA.E. RadleyEmily Beresford05:02222.04.2020, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-remember-mecontemporary romancechildren
The Duchess and the Dreamer
The Duchess and the DreamerJenny FrameKeira Grace08:13116.04.2020, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksrosebrookcontemporary romanceage-gap butch-femme family ice-queen royalty small-town
Outside the Lines
Outside the LinesKate ChristieBritney Gil08:56316.04.2020, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedgirls-of-summerromancebutch-femme sports
A Lesson in Love
A Lesson in LoveHarper BlissGabrielle Baker08:18314.04.2020, , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedvillage-romancecontemporary romanceacademics-education age-20s age-40 age-gap teacher teacher-student-relationship workplace
Flavor of the Month
Flavor of the MonthGeorgia BeersLori Prince08:3809.04.2020, , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceculinary femme-femme second-chance-at-love small-town
To the Moon and Back
To the Moon and BackMelissa BraydenMelissa Sternenberg09:2109.04.2020, , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceactress celebrity dog enemies-to-lovers femme-femme showbiz workplace
Reservations of the Heart
Reservations of the HeartT.B. MarkinsonLori Prince09:3907.04.2020, , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-gap child medical workplace
ShatteredLee WinterAbby Craden07:25107.04.2020, , , , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiothe-superheroine-collectionsci-fi-fantasyblack-lead age-40 age-gap aliens butch-butch celebrity fantasy ice-queen mystery paranormal superhero
Gillette Park
Gillette ParkGerri HillNicol Zanzarella12:3707.04.2020, , , , , , , , , , , , Bella BooksAudible Studioscrime-mystery mystery paranormalamerican-lead butch-femme cop crime law-enforcement murder paranormal small-town supernatural woman-in-uniform workplace
The Roommate Arrangement
The Roommate ArrangementJaeLori Prince12:4931.03.2020, , , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romancebisexual-lead butch-femme comedian disability enemies-to-lovers ex-cop fake-relationship slow-burn
Chasing Shadows
Chasing ShadowsLila BruceCaroline McLaughlin07:3926.03.2020, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedmystery romancecop slow-burn small-town
HurtLila BruceHope Newhouse04:5926.03.2020Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedromance
Love, Yumi
Love, YumiHildred BillingsMaika Kawa21:14120.03.2020Barachou PressBarachou Pressyumiromance
Beach Dreams
Beach DreamsK'Anne MeinelDesarae Holland00:2327.02.2020Shadoe PublishingShadoe Publishingcontemporary
Add Romance and Mix
Add Romance and MixShannon M. HarrisLindsay Greene07:52114.02.2020, , , , Sapphire Books PublishingSapphire Books Publishinga-garriety-romanceromanceage-30s age-50s age-gap femme-femme foodie-romance
Hold Me
Hold MeHildred BillingsLaura Angell09:30111.02.2020, , , Barachou PressBarachou Pressjiai-jouwaromance uncategorizedbusiness-woman erotica japan
Wolf's Whisper
Wolf’s WhisperArizona TapeA. Williams07:25110.02.2020Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedmy-winter-wolfparanormal-urban-fantasywerewolf
GoldE.J. NoyesAbby Craden09:1131.12.2019, , , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-gap angst butch-femme celebrity disability injury-recovery second-chance-at-love sports
IdentityNancy Ann HealyCassandra York07:59610.12.2019, , , , Audible Studiosalex-and-cassidyaction-adventure intrigue-thrilleragents family fbi politics
Hot London Nights
Hot London NightsClare LydonLucy Price-Lewis07:44703.05.2021, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedlondon-romancecontemporary romancecelebrity women-of-color
MeltRobbi McCoyAnastasia Watley09:2317.08.2021, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audioromancecold-place journalist parallel-stories photographer scientist teacher-student
The Love Project
The Love ProjectT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodLori Prince08:5629.04.2021, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceslow-burn
When Sparks Fly
When Sparks FlyKristen ZimmerLynn Norris07:4728.04.2021, , , BookoutureHachette UKcontemporary romancefamily high-school young-adult
Three's a Crowd
Three’s a CrowdCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsMiranda Louis17:4328.04.2021, Barachou PressBarachou Presscontemporary romancepoly
Traumatic Love
Traumatic LoveEllen HoilLeslie McDonel06:3501.08.2020, , , Desert Palm PressEllen Hoilcontemporary romancecop medical workplace
Safe Haven
Safe HavenEllen HoilLeslie McDonel06:1106.10.2020, , Desert Palm PressEllen Hoilcontemporary romancebusiness-owner mental-health
About That Kiss
About That KissHarper BlissAbby Craden05:5207.09.2021, , , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress celebrity closeted femme-femme film-industry new toaster-oven workplace
The Next Life
The Next LifeLise Gold, Madeleine TaylorAbby Craden, Tessa Stavers09:4409.09.2021, , , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently publishederotica romanceage-gap butch-femme children coming-out divorce new rich-poor-girl single-mom
Mason of York
Mason of YorkErik SchubachBrenda McGinnis05:47210.09.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedsparo-risingfantasynew
Shaken or Stirred
Shaken or StirredGeorgia BeersAJ Ferraro09:09110.09.2021, , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksa-swizzle-stick-romancecontemporary romanceage-gap femme-femme new slow-burn
A Heart to Trust - A. L. Brooks
A Heart to TrustA.L. BrooksAnastasia Watley10:0920.04.2021, , , , , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceamerican-lead british-lead butch-femme closeted enemies-to-lovers ice-queen slow-burn
Re-chosenErik SchubachHollie Jackson01:56320.04.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedemily-monroe-is-not-the-chosen-onesifi
Keeping Time
Keeping TimeErik SchubachAllyson Voller05:35213.04.2021Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedflotillaromance
Locked Inside
Locked InsideAnnette MoriHeidi Bindhammer06:3513.04.2021, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancedisability friends-to-lovers
Delay of Game
Delay of GameTracey RichardsonAnastasia Watley08:4624.08.2021, , , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancedead-partner enemies-to-lovers ice-hockey injury-recovery second-chance-at-love single-mom sports
Starting Over
Starting OverJen SilverNicola Victoria Vincent05:50128.05.2020, Affinity Rainbow PublicationsJen Silver Books Ltdstarling-hill-trilogyromancearcheological roman-history
UnchartedAlli TempleEmily Woo Zeller11:4221.05.2021, , , Independently Publishedfantasyadventure new non-binary pirate
Coming Home
Coming HomeK JRuth Guice10:1104.02.2021, , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress celebrity new rich-poor-girl single-mom slow-burn
Before She Left
Before She LeftAlison R. SolomonAlison R. Solomon07:21205.08.2020, , , Wild Girl PressIndependently Publishedthe-gulfport-mysterymystery romantic-suspensedetective disability jewish
Timing Is Everything
Timing Is EverythingAlison R. SolomonAlison R. Solomon06:04106.05.2020, , Wild Girl PressIndependently Publishedthe-gulfport-mysterymystery romantic-suspenseimmigration single-mom
The Plan
The PlanKim PritekelLeslie McDonel10:4604.05.2020, , Sapphire Books PublishingSapphire Books Publishinghistorical romance uncategorizedsecond-chance-at-love
CalumetAli ValiLula Larkin08:4124.08.2021, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceacademics-education butch-femme family new returning-home small-town
Love in the Limelight
Love in the LimelightAshley MooreKeira Grace06:0426.08.2021, , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceactress british-lead celebrity film-industry musician new reunion
The Way You Smile
The Way You SmileKiki ArcherClaire Storey08:5403.02.2020, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman celebrity
Focus of Desire
Focus of DesireKim BaldwinKeira Grace08:2721.02.2020, Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksromancecelebrity international-setting
Making Up for Lost Time
Making Up for Lost TimeKarin KallmakerAbby Craden05:1424.03.2020, , , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancebusiness-woman chef contractor gardening inn village
BoundCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsJulia Gu13:4601.10.2019, Barachou PressBarachou Pressintrigue-thriller romancebusiness-woman
Finding Her
Finding HerMarian SnoweSophie Daniels06:2827.02.2020, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romanceactress single-mom
Aus dem Takt geraten
Aus dem Takt geratenChris ZettJutta Seifert10:4217.01.2020, , , Ylva VerlagSAGA Egmontcontemporary romancedoctor hospital musician
The Long Shot
The Long ShotA.L BrooksMelissa Moran09:1610.03.2020, , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers golf television
A Taste of Love
A Taste of LoveClare LydonGabrielle Baker08:59231.03.2020, , Independently publishedTantor Audiovillage-romancecontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers village
SoulswapArizona Tape and Laura GreenwoodSusan Greenway04:46113.08.2019, Independently publishedIndependently publishedtwin-soul-trilogyparanormal-urban-fantasy romancevampires
A Twist in Time
A Twist in TimeDonna RaiderHayden Daviau09:58107.09.2019, , Independently publishedErin Wadetwo-different-worldsaction-adventure fantasypriest queen
Where Are You
Where Are YouSally BryanJustine Eyre09:4203.03.2020, , , Independently publishedTantor Audiointrigue-thrillerdead-family-member friends-to-lovers reunited-lovers university
Made in London
Made in LondonClare LydonLucy Price-Lewis06:47614.02.2020, , Custard BooksCustard Bookslondon-romancecontemporary romancephotographer pr-agent
SlammedLola KeeleyLori Prince11:0528.01.2020, , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers sports tennis
A Shot at Love
A Shot at LoveT.B. MarkinsonGabrielle Baker11:10110.03.2020, , , Independently publishedTantor Audiovillage-romancecontemporary romancesecond-chance-in-life village writer
Warming Trend
Warming TrendKarin KallmakerAbby Craden08:1503.03.2020, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancecold-place scientist second-chance-at-love small-town traumatic-past
Crash and Burn
Crash and BurnCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsLaura Angell12:5424.09.2019, , , Independently publishedBarachou Presscrime-mystery romancebodyguard-protection domestic-violence ex-fbi
Peppermint Kiss
Peppermint KissMarian SnoweLeanne Woodward02:5403.03.2020, , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancechristmas farm second-chance-at-love
EroticaK'Anne MeinelDesarae Holland10:56128.02.2020, Independently publishedShadoe Publishingeroticaeroticacollection-of-short-stories erotica
Wild Things
Wild ThingsKarin KallmakerAbby Craden05:4325.02.2020, , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceauthor closeted forbidden-love politics
Savor the Moment
Savor the MomentDana PiccoliLori Prince06:1718.02.2020, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancechef heartbreak singer
The Flood Between Us
The Flood Between UsNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie02:01112.02.2020, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner natural-disaster
The Heart of the Rodeo
The Heart of the RodeoNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie02:23211.02.2020, , , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner doctor natural-disaster rodeo
The Flood Between Us/The Heart of the Rodeo
The Flood Between Us/The Heart of the RodeoNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie04:241/228.01.2020, , , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner doctor natural-disaster rodeo
Say You'll Love Me Again
Say You’ll Love Me AgainKiki ArcherElla Lynch06:3206.02.2020, , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancecomedian music teacher
Stay with Me
Stay with MeMarian Snowe and Ruby GrandinRegine Riviere05:5005.02.2020, , , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers innkeeper natural-disaster vacation-travel
My Lady Lipstick
My Lady LipstickKarin KallmakerAbby Craden07:4731.01.2020, , , , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceamerican-lead aristocrat author author-writer pretending
The X Ingredient
The X IngredientRoslyn SinclairAnastasia Watley11:0728.01.2020, , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiocontemporary romanceage-gap lawyer personal-assistant sexual-discovery
Fire & Ice
Fire & IceRachel SpanglerAnn Etter09:1027.02.2020, , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancecurling journalist sports
Harper Bliss - In the arms of a woman
In the Arms of a WomanHarper BlissMelissa Moran10:1614.01.2020Ladylit PublishingTantor Audioeroticacollection-of-short-stories
Two Ways to Die by Erin Wade
Two Ways to DieErin WadeVictoria Mei07:59120.01.2020, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedjava-jarvisintrigue-thriller romancecrime
Brooklyn Summer by Maggie Cummings
Brooklyn SummerMaggie CummingsLori Prince08:3903.02.2020, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebig-city ex-military non-binary
46 by Lynn Ames
46Lynn AmesAbby Craden08:4626.06.2020, , , , , , , , , , , , , Phoenix Rising PressPhoenix Rising Presscontemporary romanceage-40 age-50s injury-recovery law loss-of-partner military new politician politics president second-chance-at-love widow workplace
Soldier of Dorsa
Soldier of DorsaEliza AndrewsElizabeth Saydah21:45212.06.2020, , , , , , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedthe-chronicles-of-dorsafantasy romanceadventure demons grief magic new princess soldier
Serious Potential by Maggie Cummings
Serious PotentialMaggie CummingsAJ Ferraro09:40220.06.2020, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksbay-west-socialromancefriends-community friends-to-lovers new wedding
Bloody Claws by Winter Pennington
Bloody ClawsWinter PenningtonPaige McKinney11:21330.12.2019, , , , Bold StrokesBold Strokeskassandra-lyall-preternatural-investigator-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceparanormal private-investigator serial werewolf
The Rules of Love
The Rules of LoveCara MaloneTeri Clark Linden04:38106.01.2020, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedrulebookcontemporary romanceaspergers college
Case of the Poodle Doodle by Erik Schubach
Case of the Poodle DoodleErik SchubachClaire Buchignani06:24608.01.2020, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedunleashedcomedy-humor crime-mysterydetective dog-walker family
Game Time by Kate Christie
Game TimeKate ChristieBritney Gil10:07209.01.2020, , Second Growth BooksIndependently Publishedgirls-of-summercontemporary romancesoccer world-cup
WKIR Keep It Real Radio
WKIR Keep It Real RadioTosh BakerNatsumi Bailey07:0410.01.2020, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancemiddle-aged new-start radio-station
Storms by Gerri Hill
StormsGerri HillAbby Craden06:2014.01.2020, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancefamily-drama family-ranch ranch
All the Reasons I Need by Jaime Clevenger
All the Reasons I NeedJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:20219.12.2019, , Bella BooksTantor Audioparadise-seriescontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers holiday
Three Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger
Three Reasons to Say YesJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:56119.11.2019, , Bella BooksTantor Audioparadisecontemporary romancedoctor holiday
Because I Said So by Karin Kallmaker
Because I Said SoKarin KallmakerAbby Craden06:3314.01.2020, Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancefamily-drama
Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley
Greengage ShelfEmma Sterner-RadleyWendy Wolfson08:58331.12.2019, , , , , Heartsome PublishingHeartsome Publishingthe-greengage-seriescomedy-humor romancebusiness-woman island librarian private-investigator relationship-trouble
The Inheritance by Ali Vali
The InheritanceAli ValiLori Prince10:0808.01.2020, , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman children enemies-to-lovers family-drama inheritance new-orleans secret-baby
One Summer Night
One Summer NightGerri HillAbby Craden05:5925.02.2020, , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancecollege workplace
Shaken to the Core
Shaken to the CoreJaeSamantha Cook13:4907.04.2020, , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiohistorical romanceforbidden-love new photographer rich-poor-girl
Hell's Highway by Gerri Hill
Hell’s HighwayGerri HillAbby Craden06:08204.02.2020, Bella BooksTantor Audioross-and-sullivan-seriescrime-mysteryfbi serial-killer
No Strings by Gerri Hill
No StringsGerri HillAbby Craden05:4231.12.2019, , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceforest-ranger police
Raven Mask by Winter Pennington
Raven MaskWinter PenningtonPaige McKinney08:51202.01.2020, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookskassandra-lyall-preternatural-investigator-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceprivate-investigator vampires werewolf
Play to Kill by Arizona Tape
Play to KillArizona TapePortia Kay Winters05:26206.01.2020, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedthe-twisted-trilogyfantasy intrigue-thrillerforbidden-love princess
The Scorpion by Gerri Hill
The ScorpionGerri HillAbby Craden07:3107.01.2020, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocrime-mystery romancecold-cases cop journalist
Holly & Ivy by T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod
Holly & IvyT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodStephanie Murphy10:3608.01.2020, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-owner social-worker
Drawn by Carsen Taite
DrawnCarsen TaitePaige McKinney07:1811.06.2020, , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romanceartist big-city cop investigation murder new
DescentErik SchubachHollie Jackson01:59430.04.2019, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedfixit-adventuresaction-adventure sifiscifi young-adult
Case of the Yorkshire Pudding by Erik Schubach
Case of the Yorkshire PuddingErik SchubachClaire Buchignani06:08526.09.2019, Independently publishedIndependently publishedunleashedcrime-mysterydetective dog-walker
Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Alison Grey
Good Enough to EatJae, Alison GreyLori Prince07:55107.04.2020, , , , Ylva PublishingTantor Audiovampire-diet-seriescontemporary paranormal-urban-fantasy romanceaddiction new vampires
Forbidden by Emma Nichols
ForbiddenEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:2906.03.2020, , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedcontemporary romance uncategorizedcoming-out forbidden-love
The Rainbow Cedar
The Rainbow CedarGerri HillAbby Craden05:4210.03.2020, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romancegardening interior-designer relationship-trouble
In Dyer Need
In Dyer NeedClaire Highton-StevensonSarah Kempton08:08129.01.2020, , , , Independently publishedIndependently publishedren-dyer-seriescontemporary post-apocalyptic romancepolice-officer politician post-apocalyptic
Out of Practice by Carsen Taite
Out of PracticeCarsen TaitePaige McKinney08:19219.02.2020, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookslegal-affairscontemporary romanceattorney lawyer vacation-travel
Save Her Heart by KC Luck
Save Her HeartKC LuckP.J. Morgan06:1902.01.2020, , Independently publishedKC Luck Mediaromance sifi uncategorizedspace-opera
For Your Eyes Only by Julie Cannon
For Your Eyes OnlyJulie CannonMelissa Sternenberg02:1731.12.2019, , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman novella
Temptation by Kris Bryant
TemptationKris BryantBrittni Pope07:4608.01.2020, , , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap children children-families college college-life family financial-gap-class-disparity workplace
Far from the World We Know
Far from the World We KnowHarper BlissCharlotte North05:4018.02.2020, , Independently publishedTantor Audiocontemporary romancesmall-town traumatic-past
Damage Control by Jae
Damage ControlJaeAbigail Rakocy17:37221.11.2019, , , , Ylva PublishingIndependently publishedthe-hollywood-seriescontemporary romance uncategorizedactress hollywood pr-agent
Lost in the Starlight by Kiki Archer
Lost in the StarlightKiki ArcherElla Lynch09:2016.03.2020, , , , Independently publishedK.A. Bookscontemporary romancejournalist music new singer
Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker
Stepping StoneKarin KallmakerAbby Craden07:2417.03.2020, , , Bella BooksTantor Audiocontemporary romanceactress business-woman film-industry
The Last Place You Look
The Last Place You LookAurora ReyKeira Grace09:3325.03.2020, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancedivorce new-start unrequited
American Yakuza by Isabella
American YakuzaIsabellaVictoria Mei08:09122.10.2019, , , , Sapphire Books PublishingSapphire Books Publishingamerican-yakuzaintrigue-thriller romancebusiness-owner business-woman journalist yakuza
Tinsel by Kris Bryant
TinselKris BryantKeira Grace02:4211.12.2019, , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceanimals enemies-to-lovers veterinarian
Hidden Truths by Jae
Hidden TruthsJae Hayden Bishop16:05202.12.2019, , Ylva PublishingYlva Publishingthe-oregon-seriesdrama historicalpretending-to-be-a-man small-town
Avalanche of Love by M.E. Tudor
Avalanche of LoveM.E. Tudor04:3029.10.2019, , , , Independently PublishedTantor Audiocontemporary romancebusiness-woman enemies-to-lovers hiking writer
Welcome to Ruby's by KC Luck
Welcome to Ruby’sKC LuckStephanie Nemeth-Parker06:2923.12.2019, Independently PublishedKatherine M. Chancecontemporary romancebusiness-woman
The Lesbian Billionaires Club
The Lesbian Billionaires ClubKC LuckSenn Annis05:16115.11.2019, , Independently PublishedKC Luck Mediacontemporary romancebusiness-woman butch-femme
Secrets in a Small Town
Secrets in a Small TownNicole StilingHollis Elizabeth06:3020.12.2019, , , , , , , , Bold Strokes BooksBold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection children enemies-to-lovers family police psychological-thriller small-town women-in-uniform
If the Shoe Fits by E.J. Noyes
If the Shoe FitsE.J. NoyesKelsey Navarro11:3619.11.2019, , Bella BooksAudible Studioscontemporary romancebisexual-lead coming-out
InstigationsKiki ArcherJessica Jeffries07:52208.11.2019, Independently PublishedK.A. Bookskat-and-freya-seriescontemporary romanceteacher
Soultrade by Arizona Tape and Laura Greenwood
SoultradeArizona Tape and Laura GreenwoodSusan Greenway04:39313.12.2019, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedtwin-soul-trilogyparanormal-urban-fantasy romancedragon vampires
Into the Fire
Into the FireCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsMegan Solesski12:3919.11.2019, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancebdsm ex-military rich
A Twist of Fate by Donna Raider
A Twist of FateDonna RaiderMelissa Schwairy12:18209.12.2019, , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedtwo-different-worldsfantasydemons family-drama witchcraft
Anyone but Her by Erica Lee
Anyone but HerErica LeeStephanie Murphy05:3210.12.2019, , , Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancecloseted dysfunctional-family small-town
Plus 1 by Erica Lee
Plus 1Erica LeeAshley Halsey05:0519.11.2019, Independently PublishedIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers
Untold by Nancy Ann Healy
UntoldNancy Ann HealyCassandra York12:5916.07.2019, , Bumbling Bard CreationsAudible Studioscrime-mysteryfamily police serial-killer
Play to Kiss by Arizona Tape
Play to KissArizona TapePortia Kay Winters05:33104.11.2019, , Independently publishedIndependently publishedthe-twisted-trilogyfantasyfamily-drama inheritance royalty
Blue Lamp by Diane Marina
Blue LampDiane MarinaDaniela Acitelli01:2002.12.2019, Independently publishedAspen Palms Pressparanormal-urban-fantasydoctor paranormal