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The Roads Left Behind Us
The Roads Left Behind UsKat JacksonLila Winters9:3229.11.2022Contemporary, Romance, Uncategorized, , , Bella Bookscontemporary romance uncategorizedage-40 age-gap professor slow-burn
Only This Summer
Only This SummerRadclyffeLula Larkin8:2330.11.2022Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancefirst-responders medical-romance
Lovebirds: A Fur-ever Veterinary Romance
Lovebirds: A Fur-ever Veterinary RomanceCara MaloneTegan Bourke5:27502.12.2022RomanceIndependently Publisheda-fur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
Cat's Meow
Cat’s MeowCara MaloneTegan Bourke6:03405.12.2022RomanceIndependently Publisheda-fur-ever-veterinary-romanceromance
The Club Revisited
The Club RevisitedA.L. BrooksSophie Hunter Scott4:5606.12.2022Erotica, , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingeroticaage-30s age-40 age-50s bartender bdsm british-lead business-owner butch-femme disability erotica femme-lead femme-femme relations-with-toys
Write Your Own Script
Write Your Own ScriptA.L. BrooksRachael Beresford10:0206.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceactress age-40 author-writer british-lead celebrity coming-out dog femme-femme hollywood lots-of-angst vacation-trip
It Started with a Kiss
It Started with a KissClare LydonKaty Sobey07:4607.12.2022Romance, , , , Custard Booksromancebritish-lead business-woman slow-burn small-town workplace
The Missus
The MissusNatasha WestLynn Harris06:3713.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebisexual-lead fake-relationship femme-femme new
A Haven for the Wanderer
A Haven for the WandererJenny FrameAmy Putt07:43312.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Booksa-rosebrook-romancecontemporary romanceanimals brewery country friends-community new small-town
To Be With You
To Be With YouTJ O'SheaAmy Deuchler16:0627.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romancefinancial-gap-class-disparity new rich-poor-girl second-chance-at-love young-adult
You're Fired
You’re FiredShaya CrabtreeAnastasia Watley06:4931.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceage-gap bisexual-lead boss boss-employee business-woman christmas enemies-to-lovers erotica financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen new rich-poor-girl
The Loudest Silence
The Loudest SilenceOlivia JanaeAbby Craden08:3231.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceage-gap american-lead boss-to-lover child deaf disability financial-gap-class-disparity ice-queen music musician new rich-poor-girl
Christmas at Rainbow Falls
Christmas at Rainbow FallsT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodLori Prince05:5214.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-30s christmas enemies-to-lovers holiday ice-queen small-town
Annie on a Bun
Annie on a BunA.L. DuncanTessa Stavers07:3420.12.2022UncategorizedBella Booksuncategorized
Walking the Labyrinth
Walking the LabyrinthLois Cloarec HartAnastasia Watley07:27320.12.2022Romance, , , Ylva Publishingthe-calgary-chroniclesromanceage-50s death-of-partner slow-burn woman-in-uniform
Mabel and Everything After
Mabel and Everything AfterHannah SafrenMarie Jenkins06:2620.12.2022Young Adult, Bella Booksyoung-adultslow-burn young-adult
Chasing Dreams
Chasing DreamsA.L. BrooksSophie Daniels10:2620.12.2022Romance, , , Ylva Publishingromanceanimals enemies-to-lovers slow-burn small-town
Steadying the Ark
Steadying the ArkRebecca K. JonesJen Jayden10:5127.12.2022Intrigue & Thriller, , , Bella Booksintrigue-thrillercourtroom crime law-enforcement lawyer
Still Life
Still LifeL.T. SmithRachael Beresford10:3727.12.2022Romance, Ylva Publishingromancearts-crafts ex-partner
Ex-Wives of Dracula
Ex-Wives of DraculaGeorgette KaplanKrystal Hammond15:5327.12.2022Contemporary, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, Urban Fantasy, , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary paranormal-urban-fantasy romance urban-fantasy fantasyadventure american-lead cheerleader femme-femme friends-to-lovers horror lots-of-angst student supernatural toaster-oven vampieres young-adult
ShadowboxerJessica L. WebbLula Larkin09:2227.12.2022Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romancefinancial-gap-class-disparity homecoming reunion sports
Ten Days in May
Ten Days in MayTracey RichardsonJen Jayden11:4127.12.2022Romance, , , Bella Booksromancenew reunion slow-burn small-town
Lost for Words
Lost for WordsAndrea BramhallRachael Beresford11:3327.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceage-40 british-lead butch-femme celebrity new opposites-attract rich-poor-girl workplace
Strange Attractors
Strange AttractorsAna K. WrennAbby Craden09:2827.12.2022Mystery, , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingmysteryacademics-education age-40 age-gap american-lead ice-queen lead-of-color mystery new opposites-attract professor romantic-subplot
The Big Uneasy
The Big UneasyA.E. RadleyElla Lynch08:13228.04.2020Romance, , Independently Publishedaround-the-worldromancebisexual-lead femme-femme slow-burn
Face It
Face ItGeorgette KaplanAnastasia Watley08:19227.12.2022Romance, Uncategorized, , , , Ylva Publishingscissor-linkromance uncategorizedbisexual-lead christmas fake-relationship holiday new
Truth and Measure
Truth and MeasureRoslyn SinclairAbby Craden12:26120.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingthe-carlislecontemporary romanceage-20s age-30s age-gap american-lead boss-to-lover boss-employee divorce fashion femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity hot-physical-relations new new-york-city personal-assistant pregnancy rich-poor-girl sexual-discovery
Above All Things
Above All ThingsRoslyn SinclairAbby Craden09:34227.12.2022Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingthe-carlislecontemporary romanceage-20s age-30s age-gap american-lead boss-to-lover boss-employee divorce fashion femme-femme financial-gap-class-disparity hot-physical-relations new new-york-city personal-assistant pregnancy rich-poor-girl sexual-discovery
The Bridge: Traitor
The Bridge: TraitorErik Schubach05:20230.12.2022Urban Fantasy, , Independently Publishedthe-bridgeurban-fantasy fantasyage-gap new supernatural
Christmas Bizarre
Christmas BizarreEmma NicholsClaire Storey07:46314.11.2022RomanceIndependently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romanceromancechristmas
Blind Faith
Blind FaithEmma NicholsClaire Storey07:58231.01.2022Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romancecontemporary romancecoming-out young-adult
ElodieEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:2813.10.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-30s british-lead butch-femme erotic european-lead hot-physical-relations lots-of-angst vacation
Summer Fate
Summer FateEmma NicholsClaire Storey08:2624.06.2021RomanceIndependently Publishedduckton-by-dale-romanceromancesmall-town
Don't Tell Me Who to Love
Don’t Tell Me Who to LoveEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries07:5506.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancedance friends-community journey new
Cosa Nostra 2
Cosa Nostra 2Emma NicholsJessica Jeffries07:18205.05.2021Crime & Mystery, Independently Publishedcosa-nostracrime-mysterycrime organised-crime
Cosa Nostra
Cosa NostraEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:47101.12.2020Crime & Mystery, Romance, Independently Publishedcosa-nostracrime-mystery romancecrime organised-crime
CourageJesse J. ThomaKeira Grace08:1709.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebutch-femme cop crime enemies-to-lovers first-responders law-enforcement mental-health mystery new woman-in-uniform workplace
Love After Death
Love After DeathHildred BillingsEugenie Danglar11:1313.01.2023Romance, , Barachou Pressromanceage-40 age-50s age-gap
The Six Pack
The Six PackErica LeeGaylen Lux1:10111.01.2023RomanceIndependently Publishedthe-six-packromancefriends-community
Storm Lines
Storm LinesJessica L. WebbLula Larkin09:1013.01.2023Action & Adventure, Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Booksaction-adventure intrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection children-families first-responders new police slow-burn women-in-uniform
Going Under
Going UnderMaryn ScottAnn Sprinkle11:5217.01.2023Crime & Mystery, Mystery, Romance, , , , Bella Bookscrime-mystery mystery romanceage-50s butch-femme cop crime new
Winter's Moons
Winter’s MoonsLise MacTagueLori Prince11:37317.01.2023Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, , Bella Booksfive-moons-risingparanormal-urban-fantasyfemme-femme new shapeshifter
For the Long Run
For the Long RunCheyenne BlueCat Gould09:1117.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceaustralian-lead dog enemies-to-lovers new opposites-attract sports
See Right Through Me
See Right Through MeL.T. SmithHannah Martin08:5424.01.2023Romance, , Ylva Publishingromancemedical new teacher
Minstrel of the Andrei
Minstrel of the AndreiErik SchubachBrenda McGinnis06:21418.01.2023Fantasy, Erik Schubachsparo-risingfantasyadventure new
CatchKris BryantMelissa Sternenberg07:5923.01.2023Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers reunion sports
Daring Duplicity
Daring DuplicityEdale LaneJennifer Lewis09:24101.08.2022Mystery, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Independently Publishedthe-wellington-mysteriesmysteryaction actress anthology ballet british-lead collection-of-short-stories crime cross-dressing detective espionage historical investigator kidnapping london murder mystery new pretending-to-be-a-man private-investigator
Waiting for a Love Song
Waiting for a Love SongJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:4513.09.2022Romance, Bella Booksromancelibrarian musician
Simple Pleasures
Simple PleasuresKenna WhiteAbby Craden06:1706.09.2022Contemporary, RomanceBella Bookscontemporary romancenew
SerendipityKris BryantMelissa Sternenberg08:2806.09.2022Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancecelebrity musician new
Waiting for You
Waiting for YouElle SpencerLori Prince07:1930.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceartist child femme-femme paranormal second-chance-at-love small-town
The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction
The Lesbian Billionaires SeductionKC LuckSenn Annis04:54227.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , Independently Publishedthe-lesbian-billionaires-clubcontemporary romanceage-gap bdsm butch-femme erotic millionaire
Don't Tell Me Twice
Don’t Tell Me TwiceNicole Higginbotham-HogueKris Szczesny02:24124.04.2020UncategorizedIndependently Publishedjems-and-jamzuncategorized
Keep Holly Close
Keep Holly CloseA.E. RadleyEmily Beresford05:02222.04.2020Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedthe-remember-mecontemporary romancechildren
The Duchess and the Dreamer
The Duchess and the DreamerJenny FrameKeira Grace08:13116.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Booksrosebrookcontemporary romanceage-gap butch-femme family ice-queen royalty small-town
Outside the Lines
Outside the LinesKate ChristieBritney Gil08:56316.04.2020Romance, Independently Publishedgirls-of-summerromancebutch-femme sports
A Lesson in Love
A Lesson in LoveHarper BlissGabrielle Baker08:18314.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Independently Publishedvillage-romancecontemporary romanceacademics-education age-20s age-40 age-gap teacher teacher-student-relationship workplace
Flavor of the Month
Flavor of the MonthGeorgia BeersLori Prince08:3809.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceculinary femme-femme second-chance-at-love small-town
To the Moon and Back
To the Moon and BackMelissa BraydenMelissa Sternenberg09:2109.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceactress celebrity dog enemies-to-lovers femme-femme showbiz workplace
Reservations of the Heart
Reservations of the HeartT.B. MarkinsonLori Prince09:3907.04.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceage-gap child medical workplace
ShatteredLee WinterAbby Craden07:25107.04.2020Sci-Fi & Fantasy, , , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingthe-superheroine-collectionsci-fi-fantasyblack-lead age-40 age-gap aliens butch-butch celebrity fantasy ice-queen mystery paranormal superhero
Gillette Park
Gillette ParkGerri HillNicol Zanzarella12:3707.04.2020Crime & Mystery, Mystery, Paranormal, , , , , , , , , , Bella Bookscrime-mystery mystery paranormalamerican-lead butch-femme cop crime law-enforcement murder paranormal small-town supernatural woman-in-uniform workplace
The Roommate Arrangement
The Roommate ArrangementJaeLori Prince12:4931.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancebisexual-lead butch-femme comedian disability enemies-to-lovers ex-cop fake-relationship slow-burn
Chasing Shadows
Chasing ShadowsLila BruceCaroline McLaughlin07:3926.03.2020Mystery, Romance, , Independently Publishedmystery romancecop slow-burn small-town
HurtLila BruceHope Newhouse04:5926.03.2020RomanceIndependently Publishedromance
Love, Yumi
Love, YumiHildred BillingsMaika Kawa21:14120.03.2020RomanceBarachou Pressyumiromance
Beach Dreams
Beach DreamsK'Anne MeinelDesarae Holland00:2327.02.2020ContemporaryShadoe Publishingcontemporary
Add Romance and Mix
Add Romance and MixShannon M. HarrisLindsay Greene07:52114.02.2020Romance, , , , Sapphire Books Publishinga-garriety-romanceromanceage-30s age-50s age-gap femme-femme foodie-romance
Hold Me
Hold MeHildred BillingsLaura Angell09:30111.02.2020Romance, Uncategorized, , Barachou Pressjiai-jouwaromance uncategorizedbusiness-woman erotica japan
Wolf's Whisper
Wolf’s WhisperArizona TapeA. Williams07:25110.02.2020Paranormal & Urban FantasyIndependently Publishedmy-winter-wolfparanormal-urban-fantasywerewolf
GoldE.J. NoyesAbby Craden09:1131.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap angst butch-femme celebrity disability injury-recovery second-chance-at-love sports
IdentityNancy Ann HealyCassandra York07:59610.12.2019Action & Adventure, Intrigue & Thriller, , , alex-and-cassidyaction-adventure intrigue-thrilleragents family fbi politics
Hot London Nights
Hot London NightsClare LydonLucy Price-Lewis07:44703.05.2021Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedlondon-romancecontemporary romancecelebrity women-of-color
MeltRobbi McCoyAnastasia Watley09:2317.08.2021Romance, , , , , Bella Booksromancecold-place journalist parallel-stories photographer scientist teacher-student
The Love Project
The Love ProjectT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodLori Prince08:5629.04.2021Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedcontemporary romanceslow-burn
When Sparks Fly
When Sparks FlyKristen ZimmerLynn Norris07:4728.04.2021Contemporary, Romance, , Bookouturecontemporary romancefamily high-school young-adult
Three's a Crowd
Three’s a CrowdCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsMiranda Louis17:4328.04.2021Contemporary, RomanceBarachou Presscontemporary romancepoly
Traumatic Love
Traumatic LoveEllen HoilLeslie McDonel06:3501.08.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Desert Palm Presscontemporary romancecop medical workplace
Safe Haven
Safe HavenEllen HoilLeslie McDonel06:1106.10.2020Contemporary, Romance, Desert Palm Presscontemporary romancebusiness-owner mental-health
About That Kiss
About That KissHarper BlissAbby Craden05:5207.09.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress celebrity closeted femme-femme film-industry new toaster-oven workplace
The Next Life
The Next LifeLise Gold, Madeleine TaylorAbby Craden, Tessa Stavers09:4409.09.2021Erotica, Romance, , , , , , , Independently Publishederotica romanceage-gap butch-femme children coming-out divorce new rich-poor-girl single-mom
Mason of York
Mason of YorkErik SchubachBrenda McGinnis05:47210.09.2021FantasyIndependently Publishedsparo-risingfantasynew
Shaken or Stirred
Shaken or StirredGeorgia BeersAJ Ferraro09:09110.09.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksa-swizzle-stick-romancecontemporary romanceage-gap femme-femme new slow-burn
A Heart to Trust - A. L. Brooks
A Heart to TrustA.L. BrooksAnastasia Watley10:0920.04.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceamerican-lead british-lead butch-femme closeted enemies-to-lovers ice-queen slow-burn
Re-chosenErik SchubachHollie Jackson01:56320.04.2021Sci-FiIndependently Publishedemily-monroe-is-not-the-chosen-onesifi
Keeping Time
Keeping TimeErik SchubachAllyson Voller05:35213.04.2021RomanceIndependently Publishedflotillaromance
Locked Inside
Locked InsideAnnette MoriHeidi Bindhammer06:3513.04.2021Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedcontemporary romancedisability friends-to-lovers
Delay of Game
Delay of GameTracey RichardsonAnastasia Watley08:4624.08.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romancedead-partner enemies-to-lovers ice-hockey injury-recovery second-chance-at-love single-mom sports
Starting Over
Starting OverJen SilverNicola Victoria Vincent05:50128.05.2020Romance, Affinity Rainbow Publicationsstarling-hill-trilogyromancearcheological roman-history
UnchartedAlli TempleEmily Woo Zeller11:4221.05.2021Fantasy, , , fantasyadventure new non-binary pirate
Coming Home
Coming HomeK JRuth Guice10:1104.02.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress celebrity new rich-poor-girl single-mom slow-burn
Before She Left
Before She LeftAlison R. SolomonAlison R. Solomon07:21205.08.2020Mystery, Romantic Suspense, , Wild Girl Pressthe-gulfport-mysterymystery romantic-suspensedetective disability jewish
Timing Is Everything
Timing Is EverythingAlison R. SolomonAlison R. Solomon06:04106.05.2020Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Wild Girl Pressthe-gulfport-mysterymystery romantic-suspenseimmigration single-mom
The Plan
The PlanKim PritekelLeslie McDonel10:4604.05.2020Historical, Romance, UncategorizedSapphire Books Publishinghistorical romance uncategorizedsecond-chance-at-love
CalumetAli ValiLula Larkin08:4124.08.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceacademics-education butch-femme family new returning-home small-town
Love in the Limelight
Love in the LimelightAshley MooreKeira Grace06:0426.08.2021Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceactress british-lead celebrity film-industry musician new reunion
The Way You Smile
The Way You SmileKiki ArcherClaire Storey08:5403.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman celebrity
Focus of Desire
Focus of DesireKim BaldwinKeira Grace08:2721.02.2020Romance, Bold Strokes Booksromancecelebrity international-setting
Making Up for Lost Time
Making Up for Lost TimeKarin KallmakerAbby Craden05:1424.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman chef contractor gardening inn village
BoundCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsJulia Gu13:4601.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, RomanceBarachou Pressintrigue-thriller romancebusiness-woman
Finding Her
Finding HerMarian SnoweSophie Daniels06:2827.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romanceactress single-mom
Aus dem Takt geraten
Aus dem Takt geratenChris ZettJutta Seifert10:4217.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Verlagcontemporary romancedoctor hospital musician
The Long Shot
The Long ShotA.L BrooksMelissa Moran09:1610.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers golf television
A Taste of Love
A Taste of LoveClare LydonGabrielle Baker08:59231.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedvillage-romancecontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers village
SoulswapArizona Tape and Laura GreenwoodSusan Greenway04:46113.08.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, RomanceIndependently publishedtwin-soul-trilogyparanormal-urban-fantasy romancevampire
A Twist in Time
A Twist in TimeDonna RaiderHayden Daviau09:58107.09.2019Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Independently publishedtwo-different-worldsaction-adventure fantasypriest queen
Where Are You
Where Are YouSally BryanJustine Eyre09:4203.03.2020Intrigue & Thriller, , , Independently publishedintrigue-thrillerdead-family-member friends-to-lovers reunited-lovers university
Made in London
Made in LondonClare LydonLucy Price-Lewis06:47614.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Custard Bookslondon-romancecontemporary romancephotographer pr-agent
SlammedLola KeeleyLori Prince11:0528.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers sports tennis
A Shot at Love
A Shot at LoveT.B. MarkinsonGabrielle Baker11:10110.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publishedvillage-romancecontemporary romancesecond-chance-in-life village writer
Warming Trend
Warming TrendKarin KallmakerAbby Craden08:1503.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romancecold-place scientist second-chance-at-love small-town traumatic-past
Crash and Burn
Crash and BurnCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsLaura Angell12:5424.09.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , Independently publishedcrime-mystery romancebodyguard-protection domestic-violence ex-fbi
Peppermint Kiss
Peppermint KissMarian SnoweLeanne Woodward02:5403.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publishedcontemporary romancechristmas farm second-chance-at-love
EroticaK'Anne MeinelDesarae Holland10:56128.02.2020Erotica, Independently publishederoticaeroticacollection-of-short-stories erotica
Wild Things
Wild ThingsKarin KallmakerAbby Craden05:4325.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceauthor closeted forbidden-love politics
Savor the Moment
Savor the MomentDana PiccoliLori Prince06:1718.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romancechef heartbreak singer
The Flood Between Us
The Flood Between UsNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie02:01112.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner natural-disaster
The Heart of the Rodeo
The Heart of the RodeoNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie02:23211.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner doctor natural-disaster rodeo
The Flood Between Us/The Heart of the Rodeo
The Flood Between Us/The Heart of the RodeoNicole Higginbotham-HogueDelina Christie04:241/228.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently publishedmidwesterncontemporary romancebusiness-owner doctor natural-disaster rodeo
Say You'll Love Me Again
Say You’ll Love Me AgainKiki ArcherElla Lynch06:3206.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publishedcontemporary romancecomedian music teacher
Stay with Me
Stay with MeMarian Snowe and Ruby GrandinRegine Riviere05:5005.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently publishedcontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers innkeeper natural-disaster vacation
My Lady Lipstick
My Lady LipstickKarin KallmakerAbby Craden07:4731.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceamerican-lead aristocrat author author-writer pretending
The X Ingredient
The X IngredientRoslyn SinclairAnastasia Watley11:0728.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceage-gap lawyer personal-assistant sexual-discovery
Fire & Ice
Fire & IceRachel SpanglerAnn Etter09:1027.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publishedcontemporary romancecurling journalist sports
Harper Bliss - In the arms of a woman
In the Arms of a WomanHarper BlissMelissa Moran10:1614.01.2020EroticaLadylit Publishingeroticacollection-of-short-stories
Two Ways to Die by Erin Wade
Two Ways to DieErin WadeVictoria Mei07:59120.01.2020Intrigue & Thriller, RomanceIndependently Publishedjava-jarvisintrigue-thriller romancecrime
Brooklyn Summer by Maggie Cummings
Brooklyn SummerMaggie CummingsLori Prince08:3903.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebig-city ex-military non-binary
46 by Lynn Ames
46Lynn AmesAbby Craden08:4626.06.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , , , Phoenix Rising Presscontemporary romanceage-40 injury-recovery law loss-of-partner military new politician politics president second-chance-at-love widow workplace
Soldier of Dorsa
Soldier of DorsaEliza AndrewsElizabeth Saydah21:45212.06.2020Fantasy, Romance, , , , , , Independently Publishedthe-chronicles-of-dorsafantasy romanceadventure demons grief magic new princess soldier
Serious Potential by Maggie Cummings
Serious PotentialMaggie CummingsAJ Ferraro09:40220.06.2020Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksbay-west-socialromancefriends-community friends-to-lovers new wedding
Bloody Claws by Winter Pennington
Bloody ClawsWinter PenningtonPaige McKinney11:21330.12.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , , Bold Strokeskassandra-lyall-preternatural-investigator-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceparanormal private-investigator serial werewolf
The Rules of Love
The Rules of LoveCara MaloneTeri Clark Linden04:38106.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedrulebookcontemporary romanceaspergers college
Case of the Poodle Doodle by Erik Schubach
Case of the Poodle DoodleErik SchubachClaire Buchignani06:24608.01.2020Comedy & Humor, Crime & Mystery, , Independently Publishedunleashedcomedy-humor crime-mysterydetective dog-walker family
Game Time by Kate Christie
Game TimeKate ChristieBritney Gil10:07209.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, Second Growth Booksgirls-of-summercontemporary romancesoccer world-cup
WKIR Keep It Real Radio
WKIR Keep It Real RadioTosh BakerNatsumi Bailey07:0410.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancemiddle-aged new-start radio-station
Storms by Gerri Hill
StormsGerri HillAbby Craden06:2014.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romancefamily-drama family-ranch ranch
All the Reasons I Need by Jaime Clevenger
All the Reasons I NeedJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:20219.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Booksparadise-seriescontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers holiday
Three Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger
Three Reasons to Say YesJaime ClevengerAbby Craden08:56119.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Booksparadisecontemporary romancedoctor holiday
Because I Said So by Karin Kallmaker
Because I Said SoKarin KallmakerAbby Craden06:3314.01.2020Contemporary, RomanceBella Bookscontemporary romancefamily-drama
Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley
Greengage ShelfEmma Sterner-RadleyWendy Wolfson08:58331.12.2019Comedy & Humor, Romance, , , , Heartsome Publishingthe-greengage-seriescomedy-humor romancebusiness-woman island librarian private-investigator relationship-trouble
The Inheritance by Ali Vali
The InheritanceAli ValiLori Prince10:0808.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman children enemies-to-lovers family-drama inheritance new-orleans secret-baby
One Summer Night
One Summer NightGerri HillAbby Craden05:5925.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romancecollege workplace
Shaken to the Core
Shaken to the CoreJaeSamantha Cook13:4907.04.2020Historical, Romance, , , Ylva Publishinghistorical romanceforbidden-love new photographer rich-poor-girl
Hell's Highway by Gerri Hill
Hell’s HighwayGerri HillAbby Craden06:08204.02.2020Crime & Mystery, Bella Booksross-and-sullivan-seriescrime-mysteryfbi serial-killer
No Strings by Gerri Hill
No StringsGerri HillAbby Craden05:4231.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romanceforest-ranger police
Raven Mask by Winter Pennington
Raven MaskWinter PenningtonPaige McKinney08:51202.01.2020Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookskassandra-lyall-preternatural-investigator-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceprivate-investigator vampires werewolf
Play to Kill by Arizona Tape
Play to KillArizona TapePortia Kay Winters05:26206.01.2020Fantasy, Intrigue & Thriller, Independently publishedthe-twisted-trilogyfantasy intrigue-thrillerforbidden-love princess
The Scorpion by Gerri Hill
The ScorpionGerri HillAbby Craden07:3107.01.2020Crime & Mystery, Romance, , Bella Bookscrime-mystery romancecold-cases cop journalist
Holly & Ivy by T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod
Holly & IvyT.B. Markinson, Miranda MacLeodStephanie Murphy10:3608.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-owner social-worker
Drawn by Carsen Taite
DrawnCarsen TaitePaige McKinney07:1811.06.2020Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romanceartist big-city cop investigation murder new
DescentErik SchubachHollie Jackson01:59430.04.2019Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi, Independently publishedfixit-adventuresaction-adventure sifiscifi young-adult
Case of the Yorkshire Pudding by Erik Schubach
Case of the Yorkshire PuddingErik SchubachClaire Buchignani06:08526.09.2019Crime & Mystery, Independently publishedunleashedcrime-mysterydetective dog-walker
Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Alison Grey
Good Enough to EatJae, Alison GreyLori Prince07:55107.04.2020Contemporary, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , Ylva Publishingvampire-diet-seriescontemporary paranormal-urban-fantasy romanceaddiction new vampire
Forbidden by Emma Nichols
ForbiddenEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries08:2906.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, Uncategorized, Independently publishedcontemporary romance uncategorizedcoming-out forbidden-love
The Rainbow Cedar
The Rainbow CedarGerri HillAbby Craden05:4210.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romancegardening interior-designer relationship-trouble
In Dyer Need
In Dyer NeedClaire Highton-StevensonSarah Kempton08:08129.01.2020Contemporary, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, , Independently publishedren-dyer-seriescontemporary post-apocalyptic romancepolice-officer politician post-apocalyptic
Out of Practice by Carsen Taite
Out of PracticeCarsen TaitePaige McKinney08:19219.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookslegal-affairscontemporary romanceattorney lawyer vacation
Save Her Heart by KC Luck
Save Her HeartKC LuckP.J. Morgan06:1902.01.2020Romance, Sci-Fi, UncategorizedIndependently publishedromance sifi uncategorizedspace-opera
For Your Eyes Only by Julie Cannon
For Your Eyes OnlyJulie CannonMelissa Sternenberg02:1731.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman novella
Temptation by Kris Bryant
TemptationKris BryantBrittni Pope07:4608.01.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap children children-families college college-life family financial-gap-class-disparity workplace
Far from the World We Know
Far from the World We KnowHarper BlissCharlotte North05:4018.02.2020Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romancesmall-town traumatic-past
Damage Control by Jae
Damage ControlJaeAbigail Rakocy17:37221.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Uncategorized, , Ylva Publishingthe-hollywood-seriescontemporary romance uncategorizedactress hollywood pr-agent
Lost in the Starlight by Kiki Archer
Lost in the StarlightKiki ArcherElla Lynch09:2016.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently publishedcontemporary romancejournalist music new singer
Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker
Stepping StoneKarin KallmakerAbby Craden07:2417.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceactress business-woman film-industry
The Last Place You Look
The Last Place You LookAurora ReyKeira Grace09:3325.03.2020Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancedivorce new-start unrequited
American Yakuza by Isabella
American YakuzaIsabellaVictoria Mei08:09122.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Sapphire Books Publishingamerican-yakuzaintrigue-thriller romancebusiness-owner business-woman journalist yakuza
Tinsel by Kris Bryant
TinselKris BryantKeira Grace02:4211.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceanimals enemies-to-lovers veterinarian
Hidden Truths by Jae
Hidden TruthsJae Hayden Bishop16:05202.12.2019Drama, Historical, Ylva Publishingthe-oregon-seriesdrama historicalpretending-to-be-a-man small-town
Avalanche of Love by M.E. Tudor
Avalanche of LoveM.E. Tudor04:3029.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman enemies-to-lovers hiking writer
Welcome to Ruby's by KC Luck
Welcome to Ruby’sKC LuckStephanie Nemeth-Parker06:2923.12.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman
The Lesbian Billionaires Club
The Lesbian Billionaires ClubKC LuckSenn Annis05:16115.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman butch-femme
Secrets in a Small Town
Secrets in a Small TownNicole StilingHollis Elizabeth06:3020.12.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , , , , Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection children enemies-to-lovers family police psychological-thriller small-town women-in-uniform
If the Shoe Fits by E.J. Noyes
If the Shoe FitsE.J. NoyesKelsey Navarro11:3619.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romancebisexual-lead coming-out
InstigationsKiki ArcherJessica Jeffries07:52208.11.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedkat-and-freya-seriescontemporary romanceteacher
Soultrade by Arizona Tape and Laura Greenwood
SoultradeArizona Tape and Laura GreenwoodSusan Greenway04:39313.12.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, Independently Publishedtwin-soul-trilogyparanormal-urban-fantasy romancedragon vampire
Into the Fire
Into the FireCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsMegan Solesski12:3919.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebdsm ex-military rich
A Twist of Fate by Donna Raider
A Twist of FateDonna RaiderMelissa Schwairy12:18209.12.2019Fantasy, , Independently Publishedtwo-different-worldsfantasydemons family-drama witchcraft
Anyone but Her by Erica Lee
Anyone but HerErica LeeStephanie Murphy05:3210.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancecloseted dysfunctional-family small-town
Plus 1 by Erica Lee
Plus 1Erica LeeAshley Halsey05:0519.11.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancefriends-to-lovers
Untold by Nancy Ann Healy
UntoldNancy Ann HealyCassandra York12:5916.07.2019Crime & Mystery, , Bumbling Bard Creationscrime-mysteryfamily police serial-killer
Play to Kiss by Arizona Tape
Play to KissArizona TapePortia Kay Winters05:33104.11.2019Fantasy, , Independently publishedthe-twisted-trilogyfantasyfamily-drama inheritance royalty
Blue Lamp by Diane Marina
Blue LampDiane MarinaDaniela Acitelli01:2002.12.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Independently publishedparanormal-urban-fantasydoctor paranormal
Line of Duty by VK Powell
Line of DutyVK PowellHollis Elizabeth07:05306.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Booksfairfield-stationcontemporary romancebutch-femme doctor police-officer
The Good Girl by Madeleine Taylor
The Good GirlMadeleine TaylorTessa Stavers04:0304.12.2019Contemporary, EroticaLise Gold Bookscontemporary eroticahotel
Thursday Afternoons
Thursday AfternoonsTracey RichardsonAbby Craden07:2603.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman doctor
The Wrong McElroy by KL Hughes
The Wrong McElroyKL HughesNicole Lessing06:3202.12.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancechristmas fake-relationship family
Rose: Briar's Thorn
Rose: Briar’s ThornErik SchubachHollie Jackson05:00402.12.2019Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, , Independently publishedurban-fairytalesfantasy paranormal-urban-fantasycurse mythology werewolf
As Long as Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins
As Long as Love LastsJea HawkinsLori Prince09:5102.12.2019Contemporary, Historical, Romance, , , Independently publishedcontemporary historical romancedead-family-member inheritance relationship-trouble war
The Woman Upstairs by Camryn Ede
The Woman UpstairsCamryn EydeLori Prince, Holly Fielding, Abby Craden, Katherine Lawrence11:0801.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman collection-of-short-stories
Laid Bare
Laid BareAstrid Ohletz (ed), Jae (ed)Rebecca Estrella07:0530.09.2019Erotica, Ylva Publishingeroticacollection-of-short-stories erotica
Galileo by Ann McMan
GalileoAnn McManChristine Williams10:43212.11.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , Bywater Booksan-evan-reed-mysteryintrigue-thriller romanceagents politics publisher
Naughty List: A Short Story by KC Luck
Naughty List: A Short StoryKC LuckJacinda Sinclair00:4018.11.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancechristmas
In the Mood for Love by Harper Bliss
In the Mood for LoveHarper BlissMelissa Moran07:3510.12.2019Contemporary, Erotica, Romance, , , , Ladylit Publishingcontemporary erotica romancefriends-to-lovers honeymoon novella teacher-student university
The Lies that Bind by Isabella
The Lies that BindIsabellaVictoria Mei08:39216.11.2019Crime & Mystery, Intrigue & Thriller, Sapphire Books Publishingamerican-yakuzacrime-mystery intrigue-thrillerfederal-agent yakuza
Razor's Edge by Isabella
Razor’s EdgeIsabellaVictoria Mei05:25310.12.2019Intrigue & ThrillerSapphire Books Publishingamerican-yakuzaintrigue-thrilleryakuza
Going Up by A.E. Radley
Going UpA.E. RadleyAmy Putt06:4506.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Heartsome Publishingcontemporary romancebusiness-woman financial-gap-class-disparity homeless
Someone to Love by Jenny Frame
Someone to LoveJenny FrameKeira Grace07:28221.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksan-unexpected-romancecontemporary romanceage-gap custody-of-a-child financial-gap-class-disparity tragic-death
Artist's Dream by Gerri Hill
Artist’s DreamGerri HillAbby Craden06:5015.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romancecoming-out forbidden-love
Back to September
Back to SeptemberMelissa BraydenMelissa Sternenberg08:4122.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceauthor-writer business-owner
The Inn at Netherfield Green
The Inn at Netherfield GreenAurora ReyKeira Grace08:3124.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman enemies-to-lovers small-town
Blood of the Pack
Blood of the PackJenny FrameMelissa Sternenberg09:01326.09.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookswolfgang-countyparanormal-urban-fantasy romancefriends-to-lovers werewolf
Forget It by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Forget ItClaire Highton-StevensonKim Bretton06:0301.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman love-at-first-sight military-veteran second-chance-at-love
Games We Play by C. Dane and H. Billings
Games We PlayCynthia Dane and Hildred BillingsStephanie Murphy12:0103.10.2019Erotica, Independently Publishederoticabdsm business-woman
May Flowers by Hildred Billings
May FlowersHildred BillingsBrooke Wallace03:47508.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publisheda-year-in-paradisecontemporary romanceaccountant florist
30 Dates in 30 Days by Elle Spencer
30 Dates in 30 DaysElle SpencerLori Prince08:2508.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancelawyer photographer
LivingLise GoldTJ Richards10:3110.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Lise Gold Bookscontemporary romanceactress coming-out friends-to-lovers hollywood suicide
Leviathan by Erik Schubach
LeviathanErik SchubachClaire Buchignani07:04114.10.2019Crime & Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, , Independently Publishedthe-worldship-filescrime-mystery sci-fi-fantasypolice-officer princess serial-killer
Double Crossed
Double CrossedAli ValiPaige Mckinney11:18111.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksvegas-nightsintrigue-thriller romancebig-city financial-gap-class-disparity gangsters las-vegas
Pretend Girlfriend by Lily Craig
Pretend GirlfriendLily CraigEmily Beresford05:2219.02.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently publishedcontemporary romanceex-partner fake-relationship heiress wedding
Once in a Lifetime
Once in a LifetimeHarper BlissLaura Jennings06:3614.10.2019Contemporary, RomanceLadyLitcontemporary romancesecond-chance-at-love
Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree
Tight KnitShaya CrabtreeTanya Eby06:4815.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancearts-crafts business-woman newspaper second-chance-at-love small-town
Close to Home by Rachel Spangler
Close to HomeRachel SpanglerAnn Etter09:50415.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bywater Booksa-darlington-romancecontemporary romancebusiness-woman student
Branded Wives by Erin Wade
Branded WivesErin WadeVictoria Mei07:3615.10.2019Crime & Mystery, , Independently Publishedcrime-mysterypolice-officer psychiatrist serial-killer
One Walk in Winter
One Walk in WinterGeorgia BeersLori Prince09:0915.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers workplace
Mind Games
Mind GamesCara MaloneStephanie Murphy05:50121.10.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , Independently publishedfox-county-forensicscrime-mystery romancecop forensic-pathologist mental-health ocd
Unexpected Partners
Unexpected PartnersMichelle LarkinA.J. Ferraro06:3916.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romanceanimals bodyguard-protection police police-procedural psychological-thriller
Not Since You by Fiona Riley
Not Since YouFiona RileyKeira Grace09:5728.10.2019Contemporary, RomanceBold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancesecond-chance-at-love
Cost of Honor
Cost of HonorRadclyffeKeira Grace09:201025.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookshonor-seriesintrigue-thriller romanceagents secret-service
Breaking Down Her Walls
Breaking Down Her WallsErin ZakBrittni Pope08:5917.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceranch road-trip small-town
Leading the Witness by Carsen Taite
Leading the WitnessCarsen TaitePaige McKinney08:1923.10.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller romanceenemies-to-lovers lawyer
One Last Dance
One Last DanceAnna StoneNicole Blessing05:2122.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Violet Ocean Publishingcontemporary romanceballet second-chance-at-love
The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews
The Words ShimmerJenn MatthewsRachael Beresford09:2222.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancegardening lecturer paramedic
Painted Moon by Karin Kallmaker
Painted MoonKarin KallmakerAbby Craden06:1822.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceartist enemies-to-lovers thanksgiving
BreatheCari HunterNicola Victoria Vincent08:3023.10.2019Action & Adventure, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Booksaction-adventure romancedisability first-responders medical-romance police women-in-uniform
Greengage Holiday Cheer by Emma Sterner-Radley
Greengage Holiday CheerEmma Sterner-RadleyWendy Wolfson02:33225.10.2019Comedy & Humor, Mystery, Romance, RomComHeartsome Publishingthe-greengage-seriescomedy-humor mystery romance romcomchristmas
Stay by Magnolia Robbins
StayMagnolia RobbinsJoan Dukore07:0728.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Independently publishedcontemporary romancedogs second-chance-at-love
A Heart This Big
A Heart This BigCheyenne BlueClaire Alain10:1529.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancefarm lawyer
Gulf Breeze
Gulf BreezeGerri HillAbby Craden06:0930.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceenemies-to-lovers photographer scientist wildlife
Too Late...I Love You by Kiki Archer
Too Late…I Love YouKiki ArcherElla Lynch08:4130.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publishedcontemporary romanceauthor-writer business-woman friends-to-lovers
A Woman Loved by T.B. Markinson
A Woman LovedT.B. MarkinsonStephanie Murphy06:19531.10.2019Comedy & Humor, Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Independently publisheda-woman-lostcomedy-humor intrigue-thriller romancechristmas family-drama
A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale by A.E. Radley
A Swedish Christmas Fairy TaleA.E. RadleyJanine Cooper-Marshall06:2408.10.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Heartsome Publishingcontemporary romancechristmas enemies-to-lovers heiress publisher
Turbulence by E.J. Noyes
TurbulenceE.J. NoyesAbby Craden09:1002.11.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bella Bookscontemporary romancebusiness-woman pilot
Soul Soul by A. Tape and L. Greenwood
Torn SoulArizona Tape, Laura GreenwoodSusan Greenway02:56127.03.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, Independently publisheddragon-soulparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceenemies-to-lovers sports
Romancing the Girl by Camryn Eyde
Romancing the GirlCamryn EydeBridie Lawrence08:3424.09.2019Drama, Romance, , Independently publisheddrama romanceenemies-to-lovers family-drama small-town
FairestCara MaloneEmily Beresford06:06318.09.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Independently publishedsapphic-fairy-talesintrigue-thriller romancefairytale family-drama
Memory by Bridget Essex
MemoryBridget EssexTJ Richards08:4511.09.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently publishedcontemporary romancesecond-chance-at-love
It's Only Love by Diane Marina
It’s Only LoveDiane MarinaDaniela Acitelli06:1013.09.2019Contemporary, RomanceIndependently Publishedcontemporary romancecollection-of-short-stories
June Bride by Hildred Billings
June BrideHildred BillingsShoshannah Kramer04:40613.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently publisheda-year-in-paradisecontemporary romancedoctor small-town wedding
The Promise by Claire Highton-Stevenson
The PromiseClaire Highton-StevensonKelsey Navarro06:0120.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancedead-family-member second-chance-at-love widow
Rescue Her Heart
Rescue Her HeartKC LuckP.J. Morgan06:4006.09.2019Action & Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Independently Publishedaction-adventure romance sifiage-gap friends-to-lovers
You're My Kind by Clare Lydon
You’re My KindClare LydonNicola Vincent Victoria06:1823.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Custard Bookscontemporary romance romantic-suspensefirst-love second-chance-at-love
Dawn of Change
Dawn of ChangeGerri HillAbby Craden06:2630.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bella Bookscontemporary romancedysfunctional-family first-time friends-to-lovers
After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill
After the Summer RainGerri HillNicol Zanzarella09:4024.09.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bella Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap business-woman enemies-to-lovers farm health-issues heartbreak ranch
A Conflicted Woman by T.B. Markinson
A Conflicted WomanT.B. MarkinsonStephanie Murphy08:23418.09.2019Comedy & Humor, Contemporary, Romance, , , , Independently Publisheda-woman-lostcomedy-humor contemporary romancechildren crisis ex-partner family university
A Curious Woman by Jess Lea
A Curious WomanJess LeaCat Gould11:4318.09.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingcrime-mystery romanceage-gap australian-lead crime ice-queen slow-burn small-town
Heart Trouble by Jae
Heart TroubleJaeAbigail Rakocy13:1826.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceangst coming-out doctor hospital medical paranormal persian-lead slow-burn toaster-oven workplace
Second Chances by A.E. Radley
Second ChancesA.E. RadleyKim Bretton06:0730.08.2019Romance, , A.E. Radleyromancechild second-chance-at-love small-town
Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue
Code of ConductCheyenne BlueClaire Alain10:5627.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceforbidden-love sports tennis
Major Surgery
Major SurgeryLola KeeleyGabrielle Baker08:2127.08.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Ylva Publishingintrigue-thriller romancedoctor enemies-to-lovers hospital military-veteran
Party of Three by Sandy Lowe
Party of ThreeSandy LoweLori Prince08:0614.08.2019Erotica, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Bookserotica romancefailed-relationship forbidden-love friends-to-lovers heiress high-school
Twice Upon a Train by KA Moll
Twice Upon a TrainKA MollEmily Beresford06:1323.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancedoctor reunited-lovers second-chance-at-love
Darkness United by KC Luck
Darkness UnitedKC LuckViolet Dixon08:29321.08.2019Action & Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Independently Publisheddarknessaction-adventure post-apocalyptic romancefriends-community survival
The Doll Maker by Claire Highton-Stevenson
The Doll MakerClaire Highton-StevensonFiona Thraille06:49116.08.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , Independently Publisheda-detective-sophie-whitton-storycrime-mystery romancedetective relationship-partner relationship-trouble serial-killer
Justified Vengeance Twisted: The Sequel by Tosh Baker
Justified Vengeance Twisted: The SequelTosh BakerNatsumi Bailey06:2514.08.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, , Independently Publishedparanormal-urban-fantasycourt religion vengeance
Practice Makes Perfect by Carsen Taite
Practice Makes PerfectCarsen TaitePaige McKinney07:25119.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookslegal-affairscontemporary romancefriends-community lawyer rivals
Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter
Requiem for ImmortalsLee WinterAnais Inara Chase12:05120.08.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Ylva Verlaglaw-gameintrigue-thriller romanceassassin criminal
Stay by Michelle Arnold
StayMichelle ArnoldJacq Ainsworth05:4306.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancechild childhood-trauma family friends-to-lovers nerd pregnancy sexual-assault stalker
Rocky Mountains
The TargetGerri HillAbby Craden07:1213.08.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , , Bella Booksintrigue-thriller romancedetective fbi hiking police politics wilderness
Alone by E.J. Noyes
AloneE.J. NoyesAbby Craden09:5213.08.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , Bella Booksintrigue-thriller romancebetrayal deception femme-femme first-person-pov wilderness
The Killing Room by Gerri Hill
The Killing RoomGerri HillAbby Craden10:1128.08.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , Bella Bookscrime-mystery romancecoming-out cop detective injury-recovery psychologist serial-killer
Chasing Sunset by Missouri Vaun
Chasing SunsetMissouri VaunKeira Grace07:5407.08.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceactress butch-femme celebrity road-trip travel
Mergers & Acquisitions by A.E. Radley
Mergers & AcquisitionsA.E. RadleyP.J. Morgan07:0009.08.2019Romance, , , Independently Publishedromanceage-gap ice-queen office-romance rich-poor-girl
Rest and Relaxation by Rhavensfyre
Rest and RelaxationRhavensfyreStephanie Montalvo10:3907.08.2019Romance, , , , , , , Rhavensfyreromanceage-gap american-lead aspergers country horses illness power-suit-lesbian toaster-oven
Changing Perspectives
Changing PerspectivesJen SilverNicola Victoria Vincent06:3816.07.2019Romance, , Affinity Rainbow Publicationsromance2018-goldie-finalist bdsm butch-femme
Facing Evil by CL Hart
Facing EvilCL HartGabra Zackman14:2523.07.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , Independently Publishedcrime-mystery romancecop detective serial-killer
From A Distance
From A DistanceCL HartRobin Eller14:0609.07.2019Action & Adventure, Romance, , Independently Publishedaction-adventure romanceassassin student university
Compass Rose by Anna Burke
Compass RoseAnna BurkeAnnette Romano12:3325.07.2019Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, , Bywater Booksromance sci-fi-fantasymercenary pirate sailing
Safe Passage by Rachel Ford
Safe PassageRachel FordBarbara Rich08:49129.07.2019Sci-Fi, Space Opera, , Rachel Fordblack-flag-seriessifi space-operaenemies-to-friends space-opera toaster-oven
Not The Marrying Kind by Jae
Not The Marrying KindJaeAngela Dawe12:00230.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Ylva Publishingfair-oakscontemporary romancebakery business-owner closeted small-town wedding
Moonlight Avenue by Gerri Hill
Moonlight AvenueGerri HillCassandra York09:2219.03.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , Bella Bookscrime-mystery romancecop detective ex-cop private-investigator serial-killer
PartnersGerri HillAbby Craden06:38323.04.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , Bella Bookshunter-seriescrime-mystery romancecop detective serial-killer
ShadowsLawrence BlockP.J. Morgan04:23123.10.2016Romance, Independently Publishedthe-jill-emerson-novelsromancebisexual-lead coming-out
IrresistibleMarian SnoweTristin Rutherford07:2723.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebusiness-woman chef family small-town
March Madness by Hildred Billings
March MadnessHildred BillingsKay Mack04:09327.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Independently Publisheda-year-in-paradisecontemporary romancebasketball friends-community miscarries relationship-trouble small-town
Only You by Tosh Baker
In the Eye of the Beholder: Only You, Revised EditionTosh BakerHilarie Mukavitz05:5717.01.2019Comedy & Humor, RomanceIndependently Publishedcomedy-humor romanceolder-woman
Flight by K'Anne Meinel
FlightK'Anne MeinelTessa Stavers10:4416.07.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , Shadoe Publishingintrigue-thriller romancedead-family-member family-drama grief pilot smuggling
Assassination Authorized by Erin Wade
Assassination AuthorizedErin WadeVictoria Mei07:5109.07.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Independently Publishedintrigue-thriller romancedoctor fbi psychiatrist secret-service
Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins
Forbidden MelodyMagnolia RobbinsJoan Dukore11:3625.06.2018Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancedeaf disability music older-woman
LightkeeperMagnolia RobbinsLori Prince05:5204.06.2018Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceaccident amnesia friends-to-lovers
Written Stars by Magnolia Robbins
Written StarsMagnolia Robbins Lori Thurman02:5901.11.2017Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceattorney author-writer
Safe Words
Safe WordsMagnolia RobbinsGabrielle Tuller04:5420.04.2018Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebdsm fashion journalist
Traffic & Weather by Magnolia Robbins
Traffic & WeatherMagnolia RobbinsNicole Marie Blessing03:1129.01.2018Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedcontemporary romancereporter television
Love of My Life by K'Anne Meinel
Love of My LifeK'Anne MeinelMelissa Green00:4212.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, Shadoe Publishingcontemporary romanceshort-stories whirlwind-romance
Hooked On You by Jenn Matthews
Hooked On YouJenn MatthewsGabrielle Baker11:5623.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancebisexual-lead children crochet london teacher veteran
Personal Foul by Lucy J. Madison
Personal FoulLucy J. MadisonLiz Krane06:3022.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Labrador Publishingcontemporary romanceage-gap basketball older-woman provincetown sports
McCall by Patricia Evans Jordan
McCallPatricia Evans JordanLeslie McDonel06:55113.11.2018Contemporary, Romance, , , Sapphire Bookspassport-to-lovecontemporary romancebutch-femme chef cop police
Guarding Her Heart by Marian Snowe
Guarding Her HeartMarian SnoweNicole Evans Haumesser08:3011.07.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Independently Publishedintrigue-thriller romancebodyguard-protection business-woman military-veteran stalker
April Stars by Hildred Billings
April StarsHildred BillingsShoshannah Kramer04:56415.07.2019Comedy & Humor, Romance, , , , Independently Publisheda-year-in-paradisecomedy-humor romanceactress butch-femme fake-relationship hollywood small-town
Madeleine by Emma Nichols
MadeleineEmma NicholsJessica Jeffries09:1626.06.2019Historical, Romance, Independently Publishedhistorical romancewidow wwii
Hers To Keep
Hers To KeepAnna StoneLexy Rebe06:11308.07.2019Romance, , Violet Ocean Publishingirresistibly-boundromancebdsm fake-relationship older-woman
Sunsets And Shades
Sunsets And ShadesErica LeeJessica Renfro07:4125.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceauthor-writer failed-relationship
Ardulum: Second Don by J.S. Fields
Ardulum: Second DonJ. S. FieldsLynn Norris10:05227.11.2018Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, , NineStar Pressardulummystery romance sifireligion space space-opera
Ardulum: Third Don
Ardulum: Third DonJ. S. FieldsLynn Norris11:07309.07.2019Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, , NineStar Pressardulummystery romance sifireligion space space-opera
Killer Instinct by Barbara Winkes
Killer InstinctBarbara WinkesTJ Richards05:5910.06.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , Independently publishedintrigue-thriller romancecrime ex-cop murder prison vigilante-justice
Breaking Character by Lee Winter
Breaking CharacterLee WinterAngela Dawe11:4723.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceactress celebrity enemies-to-lovers television
Chasing Stars by Alex K. Thorne
Chasing StarsAlex K. ThorneAbigail Rakocy08:07311.03.2019Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, , , Ylva Publishingthe-superheroine-collectionaction-adventure fantasy romance sifi2019-goldie-winner fake-relationship hollywood superhero
Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden
Beautiful DreamerMelissa BraydenMelissa Sternenberg10:3411.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancehomecoming small-town
To Strong to Die by Erin Wade
Too Strong to DieErin WadeVictoria Mei11:3423.05.2019Action & Adventure, Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platformaction-adventure crime-mystery romancecop friends-to-lovers mexico politics protector serial-killer
Nerd Love by Magnolia Robbins
Nerd LoveMagnolia RobbinsAlicia Foreman05:3827.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, RomCom, , , , , , Independently publishedcontemporary romance romcomactress board-games cosplay fake-relationship friends-to-lovers roleplay scifi
Vindicated/Cloak and Dagger
Vindicated/Cloak and DaggerNicole Higginbotham-HogueChristy Sassmen05:3703.06.2019Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , Independently publishedaction-adventure contemporary intrigue-thriller romanceagents secret-service twins
Justified Vengeance Twisted by Tosh Baker
Justified Vengeance TwistedTosh BakerNatsumi Bailey06:4330.05.2019Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary crime-mystery intrigue-thriller romancecrime outdoor rape small-town vengeance
Nature's Way Tropical Retreat by Tosh Baker
Nature’s Way Tropical Retreat: An All Inclusive VacationTosh BakerKimberly Cole08:0217.06.2019Comedy & Humor, Contemporary, Romance, , Independently Publishedcomedy-humor contemporary romanceconversion-camp dysfunctional-family vacation
Just Married by Natasha West
Just MarriedNatasha WestEmily Beresford05:4824.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romanceactress business-owner fake-relationship hollywood
Thorn by Anna Burke
ThornAnna BurkeAnnette Romano07:3727.03.2019Fantasy, Romance, , , , Bywater Booksfantasy romanceenemies-to-lovers fairytale ice-queen snow wolfs
Looking Through Windows by Caren J. Werlinger
Looking Through WindowsCaren J. WerlingerEileen Stevens08:2904.06.2019Romance, , , Corgyn Publishingromance1990s family-drama physical-challenge vermont
Neither Present Time
Neither Present TimeCaren J. WerlingerEliza Foss09:3804.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Corgyn Publishingcontemporary romanceantique-books ever-lasting-love family-drama librarian wwii
The Beast That Never Was by Caren J. Werlinger
The Beast That Never WasCaren J. WerlingerJustine Eyre06:2004.06.2019Fantasy, Paranormal, Corgyn Publishingfantasy paranormalbeauty-and-the-beast fairytale
In This Small Spot by Caren J. Werlinger
In This Small SpotCaren J. WerlingerGabra Zackman09:5204.06.2019Drama, , , , Corgyn Publishingdramadeath-of-partner family-drama nuns physical-challenge religion
When The Stars Sang by Caren J. Werlinger
When The Stars SangCaren J. WerlingerAnn Etter09:4128.06.2019Contemporary, Drama, Romance, , , , Corgyn Publishingcontemporary drama romancefamily-drama ireland island reluctant-romance shipwreck
Year Of The Monsoon by Caren J. Werlinger
Year Of The MonsoonCaren J. WerlingerLisa Larsen08:4804.06.2019Drama, , , , , Corgyn Publishingdramaadoptee adoption committed-couple family-drama relationship-trouble secrets
A Bittersweet Garden by Caren J. Werlinger
A Bittersweet GardenCaren J. WerlingerAlana Kerr Collins10:0304.06.2019Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, , , , , , , Corgyn Publishingmystery paranormal romancedogs ghost grandparents holiday horses potato-famine reluctant-romance village
Cast Me Gently by Caren J. Werlinger
Cast Me GentlyCaren J. WerlingerShalauna Casey 10:1404.06.2019Historical, Romance, , , Ylva Publishinghistorical romance1980s family-drama italian-american pittsburg
More Than Words
More Than WordsHarper BlissAngela Dawe04:55902.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Ladylit Publishingthe-pink-beancontemporary romancebusiness-woman coffee-shop ex-escort grief
The Pet Boutique
The Pet BoutiqueSuzie CarrStephanie Murphy09:0817.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Sunny Bee Bookscontemporary romancebisexual-lead dogs pet-boutique
Eastside / Westside / Love by Eliza Andrews
Eastside / Westside / LoveEliza AndrewsTashi Sade Thomas09:5925.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Independently Publishedcontemporary romancebisexual-lead business-woman different-social-circles inequality multicultural teacher
Confessions From A Coffee Shop by T.B. Markinson
Confessions From A Coffee ShopT.B. MarkinsonLori Prince07:29123.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , T.B. Markinsonconfessionscontemporary romancebasketball coffee-shop secrets shopping-addiction sports
Goldenseal by Gill McKnight
GoldensealGill McKnightMelissa Sternenberg08:37126.03.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksgaroul-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romancereunion small-town supernatural werewolf
Witch Wolf by Winter Pennington
Witch WolfWinter PenningtonPaige McKinney09:05127.03.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Bookskassandra-lyall-seriesparanormal-urban-fantasy romancemurder mystery private-investigator supernatural vampire werewolf
Laurel Cove by Sarah Turtle
Laurel CoveSarah TurtleAmie Lyn Hornick07:1923.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Sapphire Books Publishingcontemporary romanceathlete author-writer butch-femme disability friends-to-lovers promise small-town wheelchair
Next of Kin by Jae
Next of KinJaeAbby Craden15:11228.05.2019Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , , , , , Ylva portland-police-bureau-seriescrime-mystery romanceage-gap butch-femme cop crime detective district-attorney police-officer psychologist rich-poor-girl slow-burn
The Road to Canada by Kate Christie
The Road to CanadaKate ChristieBritney Gil06:02404.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Independently publishedgirls-of-summercontemporary romancebutch-femme football soccer sports world-cup
Greengage Plots by Emma Sterner-Radley
Greengage PlotsEmma Sterner-RadleyWendy Wolfson08:41116.07.2019Comedy & Humor, Romance, , Heartsome Publishingthe-greengage-seriescomedy-humor romancefriends-to-lovers island librarian
But She Is My Student by Kiki Archer
But She Is My StudentKiki ArcherJessica Jeffries08:4423.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Kiki Archercontemporary romancecoming-out high-school teacher-student
Love Waits by Gerri Hill
Love WaitsGerri HillAbby Craden06:2524.07.2019Romance, , Bella Booksromancefemme-femme friends-to-lovers second-chance-at-love
Perfect Partners by Maggie Cummings
Perfect PartnersMaggie CummingsMelissa Sternenberg07:5217.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceanimals blue-collar federal-agent first-responders friends-to-lovers multicultural new-york-city police woman-in-uniform
Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon
Better Off RedRebekah WeatherspoonKeira Grace11:16116.07.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Booksvampire-sorority-sistersparanormal-urban-fantasy romancecollege erotic multicultural student vampires
Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaunt
Crossing The Wide ForeverMissouri VaunAJ Ferraro07:5808.07.2019Action & Adventure, Historical, Romance, , , Bold Strokes Booksaction-adventure historical romanceartist pretending-to-be-a-man teacher western
Secrets Well Kept
Secrets Well KeptLynn AmesEmily Beresford07:1112.07.2019Historical, Romance, , , , , Phoenix Rising Presshistorical romanceatomic-bomb dyslexic manhattan-project scientist secret-city wwii
Eastern Nights by Lise Gold
Eastern NightsLise GoldAddison Barnes08:34309.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Lise Gold Booksthe-compass-seriescontemporary romancefashion interior-designer self-discovery
Ask Me Again by E.J. Noyes
Ask Me AgainE.J. NoyesAbby Craden09:44209.07.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bella Booksask-tellcontemporary romance2019-goldie-winner age-gap medical military ptsd
Weeping Walls by Gerri Hill
Weeping WallsGerri HillAbby Craden07:12228.06.2019Intrigue & Thriller, , , , Bella Booksjohnston-riley-seriesintrigue-thrillerbutch-femme crime fbi ghost supernatural
Beloved Wife by Michelle Arnold
Beloved WifeMichelle ArnoldLisa L Wiley05:27217.05.2019Mystery, Romance, , , a-detective-amy-sadler-mysterymystery romancedetective forensic-pathologist police serial-killer
Forget-Me-NotKris BryantBrittni Pope07:4928.03.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceanimals enemies-to-lovers femme-femme international-setting vacation
The House by Eden Darry
The HouseEden DarryKira Omans06:0505.04.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, , , Bold Strokes Booksintrigue-thriller paranormal-urban-fantasychild family horror supernatural
Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey
Recipe for LoveAurora ReyLori Prince09:1224.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Stroke Bookscontemporary romancechef farm food foodie-romance people-of-color small-town
Ordinary is Perfect by D. Jackson Leigh
Ordinary Is PerfectD. Jackson LeighHollis Elizabeth07:2828.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap animals dog ex-military ptsd slow-burn small-town veterinarian
Falling by Kris Bryant
FallingKris BryantBrittni Pope08:2916.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokescontemporary romancebig-city dead-partner femme-femme first-person-pov friends-to-lovers injury-recovery slow-burn
Dal Segno by Jax Meyer
Dal SegnoJax MeyerStephanie Murphy07:0618.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Independently publishedcontemporary romanceage-30s age-gap butch-femme military-veteran teacher-student
Stormy Seas by Ali Vali
Stormy SeasAli ValiPaige McKinney13:08221.06.2019Action & Adventure, Romance, , Bold Strokes Booksblue-skiesaction-adventure romancemilitary new-orleans women-in-uniform
Forbidden Fruit by Hildred Billings
Forbidden FruitHildred BillingsTessa Stavers08:4108.11.2018Romance, , Barachou Pressromanceage-40 age-gap femme-femme
A swing at love Harper and Caroline Bliss
A Swing at LoveHarper Bliss, Caroline BlissCarmen Rose05:3820.11.2018Romance, , , Harper Bliss & Caroline Manchoulasromancefriends-to-lovers small-town sports toaster-oven
Lead Counsel by Aurora Rey
Lead CounselAurora ReyLori Prince02:5321.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancelawyer novella workplace
The Do-Over by Georgia Beers
The Do-OverGeorgia BeersLori Prince08:4318.03.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancechild enemies-to-lovers rich-poor-girl second-chance-at-love small-town
Escape and Freedom by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Escape and FreedomClaire Highton-StevensonSarah Sampino09:1915.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Claire Highton-Stevensoncontemporary romanceabuse disability family femme-femme rich-poor-girl small-town toaster-oven
London, Actually by Clare Lydon
London, ActuallyClare LydonLucy Price-Lewis07:19530.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Custard Bookslondon-romancecontemporary romanceage-gap boss-to-lover rich-poor-girl workplace
Falling Hard by Jae
Falling HardJaeAbigail Rakocy13:5717.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romancebutch-femme child medical player-rep single-mom slow-burn
French Kissing, Season 5 by Harper Bliss
French Kissing, Season 5Harper BlissAbby Craden07:19518.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, Harper Blissfrench-kissingcontemporary romancefrench-lead president
Keepers of the Cave by Gerri Hill
Keepers of the CaveGerri HillAbby Craden09:34131.05.2019Crime & Mystery, Paranormal, , , Bella Booksjohnston-riley-seriescrime-mystery paranormalcrime fake-relationship fbi federal-agent
Wounded Souls by RJ Nolan
Wounded SoulsRJ NolanAngela Dawe08:38304.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Ylva Publishingl-a-metro-seriescontemporary romancedisability doctor medical ptsd slow-burn
The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon
The FlingRebekah WeatherspoonKeira Grace07:4405.06.2019Erotica, Romance, , Bold Strokes Bookserotica romancecoming-out erotic friends-to-lovers
Fear of Falling by Georgia Beers
Fear of FallingGeorgia BeersLori Prince08:1907.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romanceage-gap celebrity coming-out music slow-burn
Anubis: Death's Mistress by Erik Schubach
Anubis: Death’s MistressErik SchubachAllyson Voller05:41610.06.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , , Erik Schubachnew-sentinelsintrigue-thriller romancearcheological egypt religion serial-killer
Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes
Ask, TellE.J. NoyesAbby Craden08:29111.06.2019Romance, , , , , Bella Booksask-tellromanceage-gap boss-employee medical military ptsd slow-burn
Wavering Convictions by Erin Dutton
Wavering ConvictionsErin DuttonLori Prince06:4812.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancecrime slow-burn
All the Little Moments by G Benson
All the Little MomentsG BensonCat Gould14:6312.06.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , Ylva Publishingcontemporary romanceaustralia children doctor medical
Take Your Time by VK Powell
Take Your TimeVK PowellAJ Ferraro07:47321.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Booksa-pine-cone-romancecontemporary romanceanimals cop police small-town veterinarian women-in-uniform
In A Heartbeat by RJ Nolan
In a HeartbeatRJ NolanAngela Dawe10:02221.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Ylva Publishingl-a-metro-seriescontemporary romancebutch-femme doctor medical police-officer slow-burn
Coast Guard Rescue One
Coast Guard Rescue OneNatalie DebrabandereEmma Wilder07:3914.05.2019Romance, , , Independently publishedromanceadventure coast-guard ex-military first-responders
Rogue Hunt by L.L. Raand
Rogue HuntL.L. RaandKira Omans03:59707.05.2019Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance, , Bold Strokes Booksmidnight-huntersparanormal-urban-fantasy romanceparanormal shapeshifter werewolfs
The Road to Madison
The Road to MadisonElle SpencerLori Prince06:4110.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Bookscontemporary romancebig-city first-love friends-to-lovers multicultural reunion rich-poor-girl second-chance-at-love
Her Surrender by Anna Stone
Her SurrenderAnna StoneLexy Rebe5:58206.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , Anna Stoneirresistibly-boundcontemporary romanceangst bdsm enemies-to-lovers erotic millionaire rich rich-poor-girl workplace
Take a Chance by D. Jackson Leigh
Take a ChanceD. Jackson LeighAJ Ferraro08:24202.05.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , Bold Strokes Booksa-pine-cone-romancecontemporary romanceanimals friends-community police police-officer rich-poor-girl small-town veterinarian
L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan
L.A. MetroRJ NolanAngela Dawe09:51130.04.2019Romance, , , , , , Ylva Publishingl-a-metro-seriesromanceamerican-lead doctor dog ice-queen medical ptsd workplace
Stable Affair by K'Anne Meinel
Stable AffairK'Anne MeinelAimee Aguilera0:4330.04.2019RomanceShadoe Publishingromancehorses
Sapphic Cowgirl by K'Anne Meinel
Sapphic CowgirlK'Anne MeinelAmelia Patricks02:5501.05.2019Romance, Shadoe Publishingromancehorses reunion
Love to the Rescue by Radclyffe
Love to the RescueRadclyffePaige McKinney09:58522.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , Bold Strokes Booksrivers-family-romancecontemporary romanceanimals friends-community homecoming medical small-town
Ghostly Love by K'Anne Meinel
Ghostly LoveK'Anne MeinelAimee Aguilera01:2504.04.2019ParanormalShadoe Publishingparanormal
Shakespeare Under Cover by Erin Wade
Shakespeare Under CoverErin WadeVictoria Mei06:3405.04.2019Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, , Erin Wadeintrigue-thriller romancecollege crime teacher-student
Unchosen by Erik Schubach
Emily Monroe Is Not the Chosen One: UnchosenErik SchubachHollie Jackson02:02205.04.2019Sci-Fi & FantasyErik Schubachemily-monroe-is-not-the-chosen-onesci-fi-fantasy
Progeny by Erik Schubach
ProgenyErik SchubachHollie Jackson04:4427.03.2019Romance, Young AdultErik Erik Schubachromance young-adult
The Pike: New Beginnings by Erik Schubach
The Pike: New BeginningsErik SchubachAllyson Voller04:58421.03.2019RomanceErik Schubachthe-pikeromance
Unleashed: Case of the Great Danish by Erik Schubach
Unleashed: Case of the Great DanishErik SchubachClaire Buchignani06:03403.01.2019Comedy & Humor, RomanceErik Schubachunleashedcomedy-humor romance
Gods Reunited by Erik Schubach
Gods ReunitedErik SchubachHollie Jackson04:58112.12.2018FantasyErik Schubachtales-from-olympusfantasy
Drawing the Line by KD Williamson
Drawing the LineKD WilliamsonAbby Craden08:57409.04.2019Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingcops-and-docsromancebisexual-lead crime detective enemies-to-lovers medical second-chance-at-love
Amnesty by Lara Elena Donnelly
AmnestyLara Elena DonnellyMary Robinette Kowal11:21316.04.2019Fantasy, HistoricalTor Booksthe-amberlough-dossierfantasy historical
Under Your Skin by Lee Winter
Under Your SkinLee WinterVictoria Mei12:44212.04.2019Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , Ylva Publishingon-the-recordcontemporary crime-mystery romanceage-gap crime ice-queen journalist rich-poor-girl wedding
February Kisses by Hildred Billings
February KissesHildred BillingsKay Mack04:06218.04.2019Romance, , Barachou Pressa-year-in-paradiseromancecoming-out femme-femme small-town
Bad Girl Love by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Bad Girl LoveCynthia Dane, Hildred BillingsEugenie Danglar12:4015.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, Barachou Presscontemporary romancebutch-femme rich-poor-girl
On the Rocks by Hildred Billings
On the RocksCynthia Dane, Hildred BillingsTessa Stavers15:5411.04.2019Romance, , Barachou Pressromancebisexual-lead boss-employee femme-femme
Desperate Times by Hildred Billings
Desperate TimesHildred BillingsMarie Smith07:0907.03.2019RomanceBarachou Pressromance
January Embers
January EmbersHildred BillingsKay Mack04:11128.02.2019Romance, , Barachou Pressa-year-in-paradiseromancebutch-butch medical small-town
Stay Here Tonight by Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings
Stay Here TonightHildred Billings, Cynthia DaneBeth Roeg3:5403.08.2017Erotica, , , , Barachou Presseroticabdsm erotic femme-femme ice-queen rich-poor-girl
Chain Reactions by Lynn Ames
Chain ReactionsLynn AmesEmily Beresford08:5319.04.2019Romance, , Phoenix Rising Pressromancefamily historical sick-family-member
Southern Roots by Lise Gold
Southern RootsLise GoldAddison Barnes12:01220.04.2019RomanceLise Gold Booksthe-compass-seriesromanceaudible-romance-package
A Tale of Two Sisters by Jane Retzig
A Tale of Two SistersJane RetzigJan Cramer06:3105.04.2019Romance, Jane Retzigromancefamily-drama second-chance-at-love
London Holiday by Miranda MacLeod
London HolidayMiranda MacLeodStephanie Murphy08:20517.04.2019Romance, , Miranda MacLeodamericans-abroadromanceprincess reporter royalty
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of InterestJaeAbby Craden14:00116.04.2019Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , , , , Ylva Publishingportland-police-bureau-seriescontemporary crime-mystery romancebutch-femme crime detective ptsd rape slow-burn therapist
Wooing the Farmer by Jenny Frame
Wooing the FarmerJenny FrameNicola Victoria Vincent07:03316.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , Bold Strokes Booksaxedale-seriescontemporary romancedisability food friends-community small-town virgins-first-love wedding
Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham
Beneath the SurfaceRebecca LanghamKate Roth10:30118.03.2019Sci-Fi, , NineStar Press, LLCthe-outsider-projectsififade-to-black femme-femme interspecies
In the Direction of the Sun by Tegan Ashton Cohan
In the Direction of the SunLucy J. MadisonTegan Ashton Cohan07:1528.12.2018Romance, , , Labrador Publishing LLCromanceappalachian-trail hiking sailing second-chance-at-love
Being Hers by Anna Stone
Being HersAnna StoneLexy Rebe6:07104.04.2019Contemporary, Romance, , , , , , , , Anna Stoneirresistibly-boundcontemporary romanceage-gap angst bdsm erotic femme-femme ice-queen office-romance rich-poor-girl workplace
Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun
Take My HandMissouri VaunAJ Ferraro06:05119.03.2019Contemporary, Romance, Bold Strokes Booksa-pine-cone-romancecontemporary romancesecond-chance-at-love small-town
Between the Lines by KD Williamson
Between the LinesKD WilliamsonAbby Craden12:23319.03.2019Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Romance, , , Ylva Publishingcops-and-docscontemporary crime-mystery romanceage-gap butch-femme cop doctor