The Heart of the Banshee

Carolyn Elizabeth

Narrator: Chelsea Stephens    

Release Date:
Action & Adventure, Upcoming
Bella Books
Audiobook Publisher:
Tantor Audio
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In an effort to put her vengeful past behind her, Captain Branna Kelly charts a new course with the help of the Banshee’s newest officer, Julia Farrow. Her first mission on the path to redemption is to restore order at a neighboring port.

Julia’s new fighting skills are put to the test when they go up against the deadly Ferryman and her cutthroat captain, Isaac Shaw. She more than holds her own, both with and without a blade, and Branna is torn between supporting and protecting her.

Even during occasions of relative safety, Branna and Julia discover the greatest peril may not be to their lives, but to their love. When faces from Branna’s past come back to haunt them and Julia seeks moments of peace in another’s company, suspicion and mistrust become a blade to the heart.

The Heart of the Banshee continues the story of the love and adventures of Captain Branna Kelly and Julia Farrow.

Contains mature themes.

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