The Magick and the Maker

Sharon Angelici

Narrator: Jen Tidwell     Series: The Maker Book 2

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Fantasy Romance
Independently Published
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Independently Published
The Maker

Daggers, Dragons, and Demons!

The journey continues into the world of magick, unbelievable creatures, and the mystery behind Wildwood and Shay’s childhood connection born from their time in the foster care system.

Wildwood Blackstone longed for the simple life as a small-town blacksmith. She didn’t imagine monsters or magick, and she never expected to fall in love with Shay Courtland.

Wildwood’s ability to transform demon remains into powerful evil-fighting weapons not only invokes more questions about the origin of her abilities but empowers Shay to embrace her magick. When her mentor’s lies are brought to light, the two must decide if they are facing deception or guidance.

Is their newly forged relationship strong enough to carry them through the mystical secrets of Bannock? Who is the keeper of the Magick? When will Wildwood and Shay uncover the truth behind the Mark of the Maker?

Return to Bannock as secret realms clash with reality, and Wildwood and Shay are tangled in the dark secrets buried deep in the small town’s history.

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The Magick and the Maker is a queer fantasy romance and full-length supernatural adventure told in 80,000 words. This bi romance story takes romance fantasy fans to new realms of magic, demons, fairies, and romance.

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