Erik Schubach

Narrator: Jennifer Darnell     Series: Elfed in New York Book 6

Release Date:
Urban Fantasy
Erik Schubach
Audiobook Publisher:
Erik Schubach
Story Country:
Story Location:
New York
Elfed in New York

Twenty-one years ago, Evander Laun and Natalia Havashire went on the air throughout the world on almost every news channel simultaneously to reveal to the human race that Elves walked among us. It was the most-watched historical event in modern times.

Killishia Renner, Kia, after recently discovering she was an Elf too, along with the rest of the world when she Elfed on live television, still hasn’t had time to catch her breath.

After a successful vote on her proposals in the International Elf Council, Killishia is whisked off to celebrate with Tana Laun and her best friend Lisa for a girls’ day out, ditching their protective details. Everything goes pear-shaped when Kia is abducted in an alley behind a clothing boutique.

As Tana and the Elf Council search for Killishia, clues point toward the Laramer Bloc of Aelftus-hating countries in Africa. The war between the Bloc and the Aelftus is reignited with a vengeance as the Riicathi lead the charge to liberate their Minya.

The world will never be the same.

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