Justified Vengeance Twisted: The Sequel

Tosh Baker

Narrator: Natsumi Bailey    

Justified Vengeance Twisted: The Sequel by Tosh Baker
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
Independently Published
Audiobook Publisher:
Brittany Baker
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Like Phoenixes, who have risen from the flames, a special team of acclaimed Archangels, have been born. This capable squad of four – skillfully masterminded a brilliant plan that will help those, who have not been able to help themselves.

Imagine yourself as a victim. You have suffered unspeakable acts of abuse. You have stood on trial and endured, reliving your nightmare in front of the world. You have exposed yourself and the humiliating events that surrounded your affliction. You were promised justice and felt reliance in the court system. You shared your misfortune, because of that trust. But with lack of proof, your assailant walked away from the charges or may have received a reduced sentence. Many of us live, with the circumstances we have been handed in life. Some of us have been offered protective custody. While others simply live in constant fear, of their predator, possibly returning in the dark of the night.

Experience the emotional stories of people, who once suffered. Then enjoy watching the victim rise up. As this stealth, underground team, offer a select few, the opportunity to have their day in the Court. The Court of Justified Vengeance Twisted.

©2017 Tosh Baker - the bookcover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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