Add Romance and Mix

Shannon M. Harris

Narrator: Lindsay Greene     Series: A Garriety Romance Book 1

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Sapphire Books Publishing
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Sapphire Books Publishing
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A Garriety Romance
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Briley Anderson hasn’t been in a serious relationship for the past two years. The pain of her last breakup has made her wary of giving her heart away again. She spends her days flipping houses and her downtime baking treats for her neighbors. Falling in love wasn’t in her plans, but then again, neither was her next-door neighbor.

Leah Daniels is a divorced mother of two and a grandmother at the age of 49. Love was the last thing she was looking for, especially with a woman 16 years her junior. All she was hoping for was a quiet neighborhood to raise her 15-year-old son. What she hadn’t expected was the unavoidable draw she felt toward Briley.

Through laughter, heartache, love, and fear, it’s up to Briley and Leah to figure out if what they’ve created is strong enough to make a relationship last and if taking the chance on love is really worth the risk.

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