Jane Retzig

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Jane Retzig
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Jane Retzig
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2019…in Spain, at a remote mountain retreat center, Tyra Alström is facing her 65th birthday alone.

It wasn’t always like this. In 1976, Alstrom, the band formed by her brother, and fronted by Tyra, had just recorded their first album and were about to embark on a European tour. After years of the pub, club, and college circuit, they were finally on the verge of success. And as one of the few “out” singers in 1970s rock, Tyra had never been short of admirers.

But away from the spotlight, Tyra’s life was spiraling out of control. In love with a woman who was out of bounds, haunted by the dark secrets in her family, and fighting a constant battle against crippling performance anxiety, she was descending rapidly into dependence on drugs and alcohol.

When she walked away, she wrecked the dreams of everyone she loved.

Forty-three years later, she’s still living in self-imposed exile. She can’t imagine anyone ever forgiving her, because she finds it impossible to forgive herself.

But then an old Alstrom song makes a surprise entry into the charts. The band are reforming…and she discovers that the love of her life is free at last.

Can she face her demons and come home?

And is it ever too late to say you’re sorry?

Alstrom is the latest novel by Jane Retzig, author of BoundariesThe Full LegacyThe PhotographThe RetreatA Tale of Two Sisters, and The Wrong Woman Quartet.

The music of Alstrom is available for download and streaming via all major digital music platforms.

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