Always Allie

Melissa Tereze

Narrator: K. A. Walsh    

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Contemporary, Romance
Melissa Tereze
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Melissa Tereze
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When leaving feels like it’s forever, but home is always right there waiting for you to come back…

Cassidy Lewis had always dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps, opening an award-winning florist. But Cassidy wanted bigger and better. She wanted to be thriving among the hustle and bustle of London; something her sleepy town of Plumstoke lacked. Finding the perfect store for her dream to flourish was easy, what was hard was moving to a whole new city and leaving behind the one person she thought she’d never be without. Allie. When her mother passes away suddenly, she’s forced to head back home alone to deal with the hardest good-bye a person ever has to say.

Allie Campbell, resident sweetheart, has been pushing through loss after loss. When she watched Cassidy—the woman who should have been her wife—drive away three years ago, Allie never thought she’d see her again. Sadly, the most dreadful of circumstances has brought her back. Can Allie be the friend that’s needed, the shoulder to cry on, the hand to hold? Will Cassidy realize that she doesn’t want to let go this time?

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