An Art to Love

Helena Harte

Narrator: Hope Newhouse    

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Contemporary, Romance
Butterworth Books
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Butterworth Books
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Lauren Gray escaped her small town so she could do big things. Changing the world has always been her dream, and she’s been busy making that dream come true. But when tragedy strikes, she’s forced to return home, where memories and grief threaten to pull her to pieces.

Jamie Nelson knows Lauren is back in town, but when she sees her in the cemetery where Jamie is the groundskeeper, her heart nearly bursts from her chest. Beautiful, intelligent, and witty, Lauren is everything Jamie has ever wanted. In fact, she’s had a crush on Lauren throughout the years at school. But Lauren was always way outside Jamie’s league.

Jamie is more than willing to be Lauren’s shoulder to cry on, and their connection is what she always hoped it would be. When Lauren discovers Jamie’s hidden talent, she doesn’t understand her lack of ambition. Jamie wishes Lauren could comprehend what it’s like to be happy where you are. When it comes to second chances, there’s an art to figuring out what really matters.

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