Beauty and the Wolf

Bridget Essex

Narrator: Mariana Barrett    

Beaty and the Wolf by Bridget Essex
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Independently published
Audiobook Publisher:
Rose and Star Press
Story Country:
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Even a beast can be beautiful….

Bella has lived her whole life in the little town of Paris, Vermont. Her family’s restaurant, the Rose Garden Diner, has been a point of pride…until they’re forced to sell it. Unfortunately, the diner’s buyer is Andrew, a cruel bully, and when he fires Bella’s friend for stealing food scraps, Bella’s had it up to here.

But Bella’s fierce loyalty hasn’t gone unnoticed. Every day, a mysterious woman comes to the diner for lunch. Mel Grim enchants Bella, and when Grim makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Bella goes to work for her.

But it seems that everyone in Paris has their secrets, and Grim’s secret might be the strangest one of all. Is their love strong enough to overcome the truth? Or are they destined for an unhappily ever after?

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