Between the Lines

KD Williamson

Narrator: Abby Craden     Series: Cops and Docs Book 3

Between the Lines by KD Williamson
Release Date:
Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Romance
Ylva Publishing
Audiobook Publisher:
Tantor Audio
Story Country:
Character Age Class:
20s, 30s
Cops and Docs
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Psychiatrist Dr. Tonya Preston lives a life of cool detachment, often sacrificing her personal needs to appease her opinionated father. She often finds it easier to deal with patients than confront her family or her own issues. When her path dramatically crosses that of irrepressible rookie Police Officer Haley Jordan, she’s thrown out of her comfort zone.

Things have come easy for Haley, who has a drama-free life filled with love and friends that Tonya finds as alluring as the irreverent woman behind the badge. An attraction simmers between them, drawing them to each other. But will it be enough when work, family, and a confronting police case starts to tear at their fledgling relationship?

Contains mature themes.

© KD Williamson and Ylva Publishing - the bookcover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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