Big, Bad Wolf

Bridget Essex

Narrator: Gabrielle Domena    

Big Bad Wold by Bridget Essex
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Rose and Star Press
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Rose and Star Press
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Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

From the outside, librarian Megan Upton appears to live a quiet, painfully ordinary life. She’s lonely, but she’s content, more or less – that is, when she isn’t being haunted by wolves.

She sees their hulking shadows in blizzards, and their shapes stalk her dreams. Even worse, it’s a family affliction: her beloved grandmother, whose sanity seems to be slowly slipping away, raves about seeing phantom wolves, too.

When a twist of fate brings the beautiful, enigmatic, hungry-eyed Kara into Megan’s life, Megan’s wolf sightings intensify, even as her attraction to Kara grows.

Soon, despite the wintry weather, love begins to warm Megan’s heart. But sharp-toothed danger lurks everywhere. One dark, snowy night at her grandmother’s isolated cabin in the mountains, Megan will have to confront the wolves – and the truth about her family, Kara, and herself – face to face.

Part heart-pounding mystery, part epic romance, the novel Big, Bad Wolf, will leave you spellbound.

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