Coming of Age

HollyAnne Weaver

Narrator: Megan Green    

Coming of Age
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Shadoe Publishing
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Shadoe Publishing
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Sophie Duncan should have been at the perfect point in her life: graduated from university, young, full of energy, and with the desire to take on the world single-handedly. Yet nothing seemed to be happening. She’d even gone so far as to plan a little pity party for herself at a local pub with a few of her mates but had been stood up by every one of them.

Just at the point her life should be beginning, it seemed instead as if it were crumbling away underneath her.

Then, stumbling, not from intoxication, but in a tear-filled state, she manages to drench Pam Browning, a complete and total stranger wearing a white silk blouse, with her drink, ruining it. Although she promises to replace the blouse, neither woman expects what’s about to unfold in both their lives….

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