Cross your Heart

Saxon Bennett, Layce Gardner

Narrator: Layce Gardner     Series: The True Heart Series Book 4

Cross your Heart by S. Bennett and L. Gardner
Release Date:
Romance, RomCom
Square Pegs Ink
Audiobook Publisher:
Square Pegs Ink
Story Country:
Character Age Class:
30, 40
The True Heart Series
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All your favorite characters are back in the fourth and final book of the True Heart series.

Amy and Parker are overjoyed when they find out they’re pregnant. There’s only one thing that puts a damper on this good news: they aren’t married yet. They’ve been planning the wedding for over a year and now they need a little help from their friends to make it a reality.

In the middle of all the wedding and baby shower drama is Ruth and Tamika. Ruth is a single mother who has known more than her fair share of heartache. Her ex left as soon as the parenting got tough. Now Ruth is torn between her blossoming love for Tamika and her daughter’s ravaged heart. She’s already had one mother leave her – can Ruth take a chance that another woman won’t do the same thing?

For every new beginning there is an ending and for every joy there is a sorrow. Follow Amy, Parker, and their friends as they say goodbye to somebody very near and dear to them.

Cross Your Heart is an emotionally charged novel exploring love, loss, and the importance of friendship.

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