Cry Wolf

Bridget Essex

Narrator: Marina Barrett    

Cry Wolf by Bridget Essex
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Independently published
Audiobook Publisher:
Rose and Star Press
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You should never cry wolf….

Haley Benson lies for a living. She created an online tabloid that normally targets celebrities with outlandish stories about aliens and the ghost of Elvis, but one day she was out of ideas…so she made up a story about a little town in the middle of nowhere that no one’s ever heard of. She thought such a silly story would never be noticed….

But the mayor of Wolf Lake, Kay Odell, doesn’t think it’s a laughing matter. She demands that Haley retract her ridiculous story about the town being overrun with werewolves. Or she’ll sue.

Haley finds it hard to concentrate when Kay walks into her office – she’s the most gorgeous, smoldering, mysterious woman Haley’s ever met, and Haley’s attraction is off the charts. When she offers to come to Wolf Lake to write a follow-up story, painting the town in a better light, Kay’s astonished…but agrees.

What comes next is a passionate romance that will make you laugh and keep you guessing until the very end.

© 2017 Bridget Essex and Rose and Star Press - the bookcover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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