Damaged Goods

Eliza Lentzski

Narrator: Lori Prince     Series: Don't Call Me Hero Book 2

Release Date:
Military Romance, Romance
Indipendetly published
Audiobook Publisher:
Eliza Lentzski
Story Country:
Don't Call Me Hero
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Damaged Goods is the sequel to Don’t Call Me Hero.

The past few years had been difficult for former Marine Cassidy Miller. She’d left the military, joined the Minneapolis city police, only to voluntarily remove herself from active duty. In the tiny town of Embarrass, Minnesota, she met Julia Desjardin, the distant yet devastatingly beautiful city prosecutor, sparking a romance neither could have anticipated.

Now back in Minneapolis, things are starting to look up for Cassidy. She and Julia have reconciled, and she’s hoping to be reinstated with the Minneapolis police soon. But life is never that simple.

Cassidy can take off the uniform, but she can’t shake the soldier. Her flashbacks of Afghanistan are getting progressively worse, her new police partner resents her existence, and she’s not sure she’s truly forgiven Julia for what happened in Embarrass.

Can she enjoy this happily ever after, or will memories of a not-so-distant past slowly tear her (and Julia) apart?

©2015 Eliza Lentzski - the book cover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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