Defining Moment

KA Moll

Narrator: Emily Beresford     Series: Dallin Book 3

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Contemporary, Romance
KAM Books
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KAM Books
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Welcome back to Dallin, a small town in rural Utah that’s nestled in the land of hoodoos and red rock canyons. It’s a quaint little community with thriving businesses, antique shops, clothing stores, art galleries, a locale where an ornate Church of Latter-Day Saints sits in a prime location on Main Street, and a place where a train whistle is always blowing in the distance.

At 41, Dakota Dawson is packed, prepared to move across the country to avoid seeing her ex-wife in the produce section. Bet you know where she’s going. That’s right. Dallin. She’s Lauren’s new physician assistant, an androgynous woman with an athletic physique who can’t believe she’s single again.

On her way into town, she runs across Afton Memorial’s attorney at the bottom of Tear Drop Canyon, and experiences an emotional connection unlike anything she’s ever experienced with anyone. The problem is that Nikki’s a straight woman with boyfriends—or at least she has been.

Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and catch up with old friends. Oh, and while you’re here, don’t forget to make a few new ones.

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