Don’t Quit Your Daydream

Adrian J. Smith

Narrator: Lori Prince    

What happens in the elevator doesn’t stay in the elevator.

When Laura Finch’s business partner hires Skylar to bring their company to the next generation, Laura sees red. An obnoxious millennial isn’t someone she wants to work with—they’re known for failing their side hustles. Since Laura gave up everything for Solace Inc to succeed, including her dreams of marriage and family, she’s not willing to risk it on just anyone.

Skylar Ross vies to succeed in her first big contract and won’t let Laura’s sour personality get in her way. Each day she finds something else intriguing about Laura and all the fronts she puts up. With a dash of humor and hope, Skylar bets on her sunny disposition winning Laura over. What she doesn’t expect is her growing crush on a straight woman to go anywhere.

Dreams are meant to be scary. What will they risk to make theirs come true?

Don’t Quit Your Daydream is an age gap, lesbian romance that deals with infertility and grief that comes with the loss of dreams. Be prepared for the ride up to the sixth floor, where all the magic happens.

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