Ella: Cinders and Ash

Erik Schubach

Narrator: Hollie Jackson     Series: Urban Fariytales Book 3

Ella: Cinders and Ash
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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Erik Schubach
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Erik Schubach
Urban Fariytales
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Drawn to Seattle by the pull of black magic, Ella brings her wrath. A trail of blood and violence is left in her wake.
By chance, Parker Devareau meets Ella while rushing home to get behind the safety of her Full Moon Bars on a full moon night. Parker can see, hear, and feel things that no ordinary person can. When Ella saves Parker from a breach of the protective city walls caused by the druids, Parker sees something beyond the impression of a schizophrenic with multiple personalities who is constantly talking to someone who is not there. And the truth breaks her heart.
The women stand together with the Red Hood and Gretta Snow to save the people of the city who perceive them all as monsters.

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