Forbidden Fruit

Hildred Billings

Narrator: Tessa Stavers    

Forbidden Fruit by Hildred Billings
Release Date:
Barachou Press
Audiobook Publisher:
Barachou Press
Character Age Class:
20s, 40s
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What happens when all that youth fades away? What made it so great to begin with?

Raquel has a reputation around town. When she’s not dominating the luxury real estate market, she’s enjoying the company of yet another young girlfriend.

Because there’s nothing that sates the appetite of the neighborhood cougar like the firm flesh of her 20-something prey.

But Raquel isn’t immune to heartbreak. Her therapist believes she dates co-eds because she’s attempting to recreate the great romance of her youth. The one that ended when her ex-girlfriend left her for someone else.

Now she’s met someone new. Someone young… but someone who is prepared to go toe-to-toe with the resident lesbian cougar.

The taste of a forbidden fruit is more sinful when you close your eyes.

Lisa has had her eyes on Raquel for a mighty long time. Fresh from college, she knows where she wants to take her life next: right into Raquel’s bed and, maybe, down the aisle!

First she must overcome the older woman’s reservations about falling in love again. Even then, there is one big secret Lisa harbors in her young and naïve heart.

A secret that would make her too forbidden to touch.

Good thing Lisa doesn’t let anything get in the way of her obsession for one older woman.

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