French Kissing, Season 2

Harper Bliss

Narrator: Abby Craden     Series: French Kissing Book 2

French Kissing, Season 2
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Erotica, Romance
Ladylit Publishing
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Audible Studios
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French Kissing
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French Kissing: Season 2 (Episodes 7-10)

Paris…city of lights, city of love…city of drama!

The ladies’ lives have gone back to normal four weeks after the news about Dominique and Steph’s affair broke. This, however, doesn’t mean that everything is going swimmingly. Nadia and Juliette are engaged, but will they ever find time in their busy schedules to get married? Claire and Margot are giving their relationship another go, but can all the emotional events that came before be swept under the rug? And how has Steph and Dominique’s affair progressed now that it has been brutally thrust into the limelight? Find out in season 2 of French Kissing!

Hearts will be broken and mended, new intrigues will come to the fore, ghosts from the past will wreak havoc on even the best of intentions, and mistakes will have to be rectified – in and out of the bedroom.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love, broken hearts, sore backsides, and a cliff-hanger or two.

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