Future Wife

Nicole Pyland

Narrator: Blair Baker    

Release Date:
Romance, Science Fiction
Pyland Publishing
Audiobook Publisher:
Pyland Publishing
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Imagine meeting a stranger one day, only for that stranger to say, “I’m your future wife.” This is exactly what happens to Carter when she heads out of town for work. There’s one problem with this: Carter is already married, and not to this stranger.

Ryder has been working on time travel since she was a little kid listening to her great-grandmother tell stories of the past. Inspired by one of them, Ryder decides to put her scientific mind to task and is determined to build a time-travel device that would right a wrong in her great-grandmother’s past. When Carter meets Ryder outside of a café, she looks exactly like a younger version of the stranger who has given Carter some specific instructions about being at this exact café at this exact time because it would change Carter’s life.

Does Carter believe in time travel? Can Ryder possibly be the woman she should have been with all along?

Join Ryder and Carter as they go on a journey through time, risk their lives, and maybe even fall in love.

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