Ghost-ish: Lazarus

Erik Schubach

Narrator: Allyson Voller     Series: New Sentinels Book 5

Ghost-ish: Lazarus
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Erik Schubach
Audiobook Publisher:
Erik Schubach
Story Country:
Story Location:
New York
New Sentinels

A year ago, Cameron Tourvell had a really bad day. That day she was killed in a literal train wreck. The only problem was that she forgot to die. She found out that for her, death was only the beginning.

Hunted by the black-site government group Lazarus, Cameron must avoid capture as she comes to terms with her new reality. Whenever she is injured, she simply loses pieces of herself as they are replaced by a transparent ectoplasm. She realizes she is no longer a normal maladjusted woman in New York; now she is sort of ghost-ish.

With the help of other women with extraordinary abilities, Sentinels, she tries to end the threat of Lazarus once and for all, even though she fears if she loses too much of herself, she will cease to be.

Cam and the Raven Maids, Fates, and even a ship’s captain with extraordinary abilities find that old enemies are gathering and everything may not be as it seems.

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