Greengage Shelf

Emma Sterner-Radley

Narrator: Wendy Wolfson     Series: The Greengage Series Book 3

Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley
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Comedy & Humor, Romance
Heartsome Publishing
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Heartsome Publishing
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The Greengage Series
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Mysteries, taxidermy, and lonely hearts – what is a woman to do?

All is not well on the cosy but quirky English island of Greengage.

The mysterious rummaging and stealing from an old lady’s bookshelf exposes secrets and suspicious behaviour. Then there’s a cryptic lovers’ quarrel between two pub owners and an eccentric uncle interfering in affairs of the heart.

No wonder Kit Sorel – librarian and now reluctant private detective – is busy.

To make things worse, she’s worried about her relationship with the hardworking businesswoman and lady of the manor, Laura Howard.

Add a stuffed badger, dog walking bets, a Barbie balloon and a conundrum regarding the name Susan and you’ll be left wondering if Kit can handle these tricky situations? Or will the eccentric, comical Greengagers get in her way as usual?

More importantly, will this all be sorted out before this year’s kitten race?

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