Love Forged

Nicole Pyland

Narrator: Leanne Woodward    

Release Date:
Pyland Publishing
Audiobook Publisher:
Pyland Publishing
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Tate Antonio has been without her father for nearly 13 years. He left one day and never came back. Tate has given up on hearing from her father ever again when a strange letter arrives in the mailbox of her apartment that she shares with her best friend since birth, Flynn McEntire.
Born just two weeks apart, the two girls grew into women with a plan. They would attend the same university, and later, medical school. They would be at each other’s wedding party when they married the men of their dreams.
The problem with that plan? Tate has no idea that Flynn’s dream has changed, and Flynn wonders if Tate will ever realize she’s in love with her. The other problem? Tate’s father has left her a letter and a lot of confusing information to sort through. That sorting takes Tate and Flynn on a summer journey that will have implications for the rest of their lives.
Will Tate find her father? Will she find the love she was always meant to have? Will she find herself in the process? Can she find it all?

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