Love Walked into the Lantern

Nicole Pyland

Narrator: Melissa Moran     Series: Chicago Book 3

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Contemporary, Romance
Pyland Publishing
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Pyland Publishing
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This is book three in the Chicago series.

Summer Taft is a 27-year-old billionaire who founded a tech start-up with her brother while she was still in college. As that company’s CEO, she feels stuck and underappreciated. She also has to take care of the company while her brother goes off exploring the world, leaving her holding the bag. The company recently opened an office in Chicago, where Summer has met some new friends. As Summer decides to uproot her life and make the move to Chicago, she meets Lena.

Lena Tanner has had no luck in her love life after divorcing her husband of several years before after finally admitting to herself that she was gay. Lena had been exploring and having fun in the new life she’d made for herself. But now, she’s ready to find the one and settle down. After a blind date gone wrong, she ends up at the Lantern, where she spots her group of expanding friends and a newcomer.

Lena had never been brave in her personal life. And Summer has always had difficulty making decisions, small and large. The two women settle into a quick friendship that turns more flirtatious. But is either of them ready to dive right into something new that could be lasting?

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