Mind Games

Cara Malone

Narrator: Stephanie Murphy     Series: Fox County Forensics Book 1

Release Date:
Crime & Mystery, Romance
Independently published
Audiobook Publisher:
Independently published
Story Country:
Fox County Forensics
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Kelsey is a rookie forensic investigator trying to balance the demands of her job and the challenges of her obsessive compulsive disorder. Her new coworkers aren’t too welcoming – their idea of fun involves morbid pranks and gallows humor.

Zara is a patrol officer with her eye on the narcotics department, determined to avenge her sister’s overdose death. But the chief won’t promote her – not until she overcomes her fear of death scenes.

When a call comes in for an apparent suicide, meticulous Kelsey meets anxious Zara, and they’ve both got something to prove.

But the case isn’t as simple as it looks, and together, they’re thrust into a complex investigation that has them chasing clues, confronting lies, and getting cozy with each other.

Can Kelsey and Zara discover the truth, or will they succumb to the mind games we play – in life, love, and even in death?

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