Moonlight Avenue

Gerri Hill

Narrator: Cassandra York    

Moonlight Avenue by Gerri Hill
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Crime & Mystery, Romance
Bella Books
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Finley Knight, ex-cop turned private investigator, lives a lonely, solitary life. She uses her downtime to reflect on the past and wonders what could have been.

Detective Dee Woodard transferred to Corpus Christi nine years ago to put distance between herself and her ex…an ex she was still in love with. A murder investigation leads her to Moonlight Avenue and Finley Knight.

Rylee Moore left the windy plains of Amarillo in her rearview mirror, hoping to start over in this city by the bay, only to find employment hard to come by. Finley Knight wasn’t hiring either, but Rylee’s begging and pleading – and not taking “no” for an answer – finally lands her a job. Not as an apprentice, as she wanted, but as the lone employee at Moonlight Avenue Investigations – receptionist.

After a gruesome third murder, Dee is booted from the case. She joins Finn’s team…the chase bringing them closer and closer to a vicious drug dealer.

Amongst the chaos, crime, and cover-up…love pokes its head above the water. But can they stay alive long enough to explore it?


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