Open Seas: Just Add Water

Erik Schubach

Narrator: Allyson Voller     Series: New Sentinals Book 4

Open Seas: Just Add Water
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Erik Schubach
Audiobook Publisher:
Erik Schubach
Story Country:
New Sentinals

Marina Caliban and water have had a close relationship her entire life. So much so that a life in the Coast Guard was almost a given.

She has hidden away her inhuman abilities when she is out in the waves from everyone. A rescue mission on a floating power generation platform in the Pacific Ocean during what is being called the storm of the millennium, changes everything for her.

Along with her family and Doctor Selina Selkirk, Marina is thrust into a world of supernatural myth that could spell the end for all of mankind.

Throughout her trials, Marina is adamant about one fact. She isn’t a f–king mermaid.

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