Paradise Pride

Lise Gold

Narrator: Jessica Jeffries     Series: The Resort Series Book 3

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Contemporary, Romance
Lise Gold Books
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Lise Gold Books
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Continental Europe
The Resort Series
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London-based casino manager Meghan has no expectations of her two-week holiday in Spain: She’s just tagging along with her friend who’s visiting her love interest. When they arrive at a deserted hotel due to a booking fault and her friend leaves to see her boyfriend, she’s left with the bartender who stays on for the night.

Bartender Florence is excited for the Pride weekend held at Paradise Hotel, but she did not anticipate working a shift the night prior to serve only one guest. Meghan, the guest in question, is anxious about staying in her room alone, and after an unexpectedly pleasant evening together, Florence offers her company to make her feel safe.

Meghan is delighted with the arrangement that serves them both, but her attraction to Florence confuses her. As the only straight woman at a Pride event, she can’t help but feel conflicted about all the female attention her new friend is getting, and she starts questioning everything she thought to be true about herself.

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