Snow: The White Crow

Erik Schubach

Narrator: Hollie Jackson     Series: Urban Fariytales Book 2

Snow: The White Crow
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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Erik Schubach
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Erik Schubach
Urban Fariytales
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When people are in need of rescue outside of the walled cities in a werewolf-infested world. Gretta Snow, Recovery Specialist and Wolf Hunter, is the woman to call. Her ability with weapons and combat are just as formidable as her magic and supernatural connection to nature. After saving a boy from a kidnapping outside of Seattle, she finds herself caught up in a plot by the Alpha wolves to protect their own power. With Officer Rachel Paige at her side, she stands with the Red Hood and her hellhound against some of the darkest gypsy witches the world has seen in centuries.

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