Straight form the Heart

Saxon Bennett, Layce Gardner

Narrator: Layce Gardner     Series: The True Heart Series Book 2

Straight form the Heart by S. Bennett and l. Gardner
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Romance, RomCom
Square Pegs Ink
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Square Pegs Ink
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The True Heart Series
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This is book two of the True Heart series.

Steph Rizzo loves three things: her career as a firefighter; her girlfriend, Rosa; and cooking. Not necessarily in that order. The only thing lacking in her life is trying to get her girlfriend to marry her. They have lived together for 11 years, but still Rosa can’t quite bring herself to say I do.

After Rosa’s parents died in a car accident, she grew up in a state home. At the age of 18, she was on her own. She worked her way through college and eventually realized her dream of becoming a police officer. Now, she has everything she’s ever wanted: a lover, a home, and a career. Until the night that she is shot while on duty. Then everything changes – her life, her job, and her relationship.

Steph is about to find out what the words “in sickness and in health” really mean.

Straight from the Heart is an emotionally charged novel exploring love, loss, and friendship.

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