Tea Leaves & Tourniquets

Sienna Waters

Narrator: Anna Fox    

Release Date:
Contemporary, Romance
Indipendetly published
Audiobook Publisher:
Tantor Audio
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Can a cup of tea predict true love?

When Jaye Callaghan’s dubiously clairvoyant best friend predicts that her soulmate is on the horizon, Jaye isn’t exactly persuaded. But when she walks into Lanport clinic and meets Charlie, she starts to think that maybe her luck is changing.

Charlie Riley is a machine. Or she was. A top rated ER doctor with a mind like a trap, she shouldn’t be doctoring in a small ocean-front resort town. She’s mysterious, cold, and very, very sexy.

This is supposed to be a match made in heaven, but there’s a problem. Charlie doesn’t believe in soulmates. Or clairvoyants. Or love.

It’s up to Jaye to persuade the ice-queen doctor that not only is love real, but that her soulmate is standing right in front of her. But as the stakes rise and the attraction between the two women grows hotter Jaye’s faith in romance is shattered. Can Charlie help her put it back together?

Believing in true love is hard, but maybe, just sometimes, it’s enough to have someone else believe for you.

©2021 Sienna Waters - the book cover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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