The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction

KC Luck

Narrator: Senn Annis     Series: The Lesbian Billionaires Club Book 2

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Contemporary, Romance
Independently Published
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Independently Published
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The Lesbian Billionaires Club
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The lesbian billionaires are back. Hotter. Steamier. Sexier than ever.

European billionaire Lila’s well-being, even quite possibly her life, is in danger. While keeping her promise to the club of no lovers for a year, she hides at extravagant locations around the world.

Unfortunately, the threats still come, and the billionaires decide she needs added protection. Only, the woman they pick drives Lila wild with passion.

Jael Nassar, the tall, dark, and handsome soldier from the Middle East, is asked to take leave and serve undercover as her bodyguard. When she joins Lila at a lavish and very private resort in the French Alps, Jael takes one look at the woman she must protect, only to be struck with an undeniable desire.

With a passion forbidden, how will Lila and Jael coexist while they crave each other? Will they be seduced by the burning chemistry pushing them together?

Before listening further to this novel The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction, it’s essential to know that it is book two in a series titled The Lesbian Billionaires Club. Listening to the stories in order is recommended, as characters, such as Lila, Madison, and Claire, are introduced in book one.

This is not a drop-dead requirement, however, as this novel can stand alone as an erotic romance. Please note the word “erotic”. There are many sensual woman-loving-woman scenes in the book. If you enjoy listening to erotic content, then this audiobook will stimulate your senses and deliver a steamy, sexy experience.

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