The Misperception

Nicole Pyland

Narrator: Carolyn Eve     Series: Holiday Book 5

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Pyland Publishing
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Pyland Publishing
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This is book five in the Holiday Series.
Paisley Hill cared about one thing—she was building her company from the ground up without accepting any money from her wealthy family to do it. That was important to Paisley, and she took her job as a consultant seriously, wanting to help companies grow and get more efficient because of her ideas.
The one thing Paisley hadn’t cared much about in years was a relationship. She’d been fine with casual dates and hookups every now and then, but Paisley had watched several of her close friends find love this year, and she tried to push the loneliness and fear of losing her friends to love out of her mind.
Trinity Pascal had an idea one day, told her best friend about it, and now, years later, they were trying to establish their new company with money from investors. Trinity loved problem-solving and brainstorming, but she wasn’t much of a fan of the day-to-day business stuff. When her business-partner-and-best-friend suggests they bring in a consultant to help, Trinity is more than surprised to see her old high school bully, Paisley Hill, walk into the building.
While Trinity definitely remembers Paisley, Paisley doesn’t seem to know who Trinity is, at first. As they navigate their work relationship, and things clearly start to move from beyond work only, both women have to decide if they’re ready for something that might just be the real thing—right in time for Paisley’s nosy mother to invite Trinity to the family Thanksgiving dinner.

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