The Preacher’s Daughter

KA Moll

Narrator: Emily Beresford     Series: Dallin Book 2

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Contemporary, Romance
KAM Books
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KAM Books
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Behind the throttle of a Black Hawk, Hunter Morgan was fearless. As a firefighter, she steps up when others step back. A handsome woman with a big heart and dark secrets, she hasn’t flown or dated since she was in the military and doesn’t plan to.

As a physician, Lauren Briscoll has made it her practice never to turn away a patient. She eats her meals on the go and sleeps fewer than five hours most nights. At 40, she’s alone by choice, running through life. When Lauren’s grandmother dies, she does what she rarely does: She takes time off, returning to her hometown to wrap up her affairs. While there, she reunites with the girl she loved in high school on an aerial ladder, questions what she once believed, and feels what she hasn’t felt in years.

What’s the chance that a guarded ex-soldier and a workaholic physician can rekindle what they once had? Slim to none, right?

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