This London Love

Clare Lydon

Narrator: Emily Bennet     Series: London Romance Book 2

This London Love
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Comedy & Humor, Contemporary, Romance
Custard Books
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Audible Studios
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London Romance
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A successful editor. A workaholic florist. It’s complicated, but is it love?

Kate Carter has it all, except for a special person to share it with. The stylish, charismatic art editor has her sights set on someone, but a few unanswered questions keep her from making a move.

Meg Harding is single but stuck living with her ex. When she meets Kate, she sees a bright light at the end of her life’s dark tunnel. But it doesn’t take long for the florist’s secrets to nearly derail the promising pairing.

Can they overcome the obstacles they can’t control to find their happily ever after?

This London Love is a charming lesbian romance novel and a stand-alone spin-off from London Calling. If you like witty dialogue, engaging characters, and addictive plot twists, you’ll love Clare Lydon’s sparkling romantic comedy.

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