To Love a Shooting Star

K'Anne Meinel

Narrator: Aimee Aguilera    

To Love a Shooting Star by K'Anne Meinel
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Shadoe Publishing
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Shadoe Publishing
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Erin Ingram is an enormously successful Hollywood star. She has starred in, directed, and produced many films over her long career, starting as a child. She has even won several Academy Awards.

She is also a closeted lesbian. Will announcing to the world that she is in love with a woman destroy her long and successful career? Is the world ready to let the “girl next door” come out of the closet?

Meeting Erin Ingram was a delight and a surprise to author Kate McCall. Better yet, there seemed to be an attraction. Getting to know her, she was thrilled at their relationship as it developed. Her own career as a successful novelist made her more than equal for the talented Ms. Ingram.

Will announcing their relationship to the public destroy their love, their careers, or their blended families?

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