Unsung Love Song

Marian Snowe

Narrator: Tessa Stavers    

Unsung Love Song
Release Date:
Rose and Star Press
Audiobook Publisher:
Marian Snowe

Can love set your heart free?

Celia Orne has been given a chance to follow her dreams. With recent heartbreak and tragedy from her past dogging her steps, she hopes that a new life of adventure in Florida will give her a fresh start.

But then along comes Gem….

Gem Raglan is one of the most alluring women Celia has ever met – and she’s a shameless flirt. She also knows the beaches and islands of Florida like the back of her hand, and she’s more than happy to help Celia explore. What’s so bad about having a little fun with her, as long as it doesn’t distract Celia from her work?

Before Celia has a chance to step on the brakes, her feelings for Gem grow into something more than just “a little fun.” But Gem seems to be hiding something. Can Celia trust this carefree woman with her heart?

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