Warm Pearls and Paper Cranes

E.V. Bancroft

Narrator: Juanita McMahon    

Release Date:
Historical, Romance
Butterworth Books
Audiobook Publisher:
Butterworth Books
Story Country:
Character Age Class:
20s, 80s
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Winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society (Goldie) for Historical Fiction 2022. Finalist for Debut Novel.

A family torn apart by secrets. Love is the only way forward.

Maud Heaston has been in love with Beatrice Williams since they first met in 1939. They’ve been through hell and back; family, careers, and secrets have threatened to tear them apart, but their love has endured it all. Until now. Old age and illness have forced them into separate nursing homes, and the family Maud trusted to take care of them are only out for themselves.

Hannah Jones is trying to put her past behind her and find her place in the world. Midway through a doctorate and living with Suki, the woman she’d like to be more than just friends with, the last thing she needs is Gammy, her interfering great aunt, back in her life. Though Gammy took Hannah in when her mother died, her overbearing nature and constant criticisms forced them apart. Now they barely speak.

Maud needs Hannah’s help to be reunited with the love of her life. Hannah needs Suki to take a chance on love. Can a reconciliation between Maud and Hannah free them both to be with the women they love, or will the past destroy their future?

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