What Now

Jamey Moody

Narrator: Jennifer Griffin    

Release Date:
Independently published
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When love dares to alter a carefully crafted life plan, does the heart win?

Addison Henry is the new bank president in small-town Brazos Falls, but she won’t be there long. This is merely a stepping stone on her career path that leads to headquarters and the CEO’s office.

Lissa Morgan came back to her hometown to help her family’s business. However, she is not giving up on love just because she happens to be one of the few gay women in town.

When Addison helps Lissa open a new account at the bank, an instant friendship is born. Lissa is happy to help Addison navigate the ways of her small town, and as they spend more time together, something begins to happen to Addison’s heart.

She’s never been with a woman. She has no time for love. She’s on her way to the top. But her heart has another plan. What now?

Come along as this friends to lovers, toaster oven, age gap romance will warm your heart, along with Addison’s.

©2023 Jamey Moody - the bookcover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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