Whispers of the Heart

KA Moll

Narrator: Emily Beresford     Series: Moll - Heart Series Book 2

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Contemporary, Romance
KAM Books
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KAM Books
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Moll - Heart Series
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Days after completing her fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology, 35-year-old Aki Williams travels from her home in Los Angeles to a small town in Illinois, interviewing for a job that she doesn’t want. What she does want is to meet her biological sister, Jack Camdon, a sister whom she didn’t know existed until she dreamt of her. Upon their meeting, many things surprise her – that Jack’s a lesbian with a wife and children, that she’s a dreamer who dreams in spirit animals, and that she’s a medicine woman, deeply rooted in the Ojibwe culture.

Three years ago on Sunday, 43-year-old professor of archaeology Carsyn Lyndon lost her parents and her wife in a tragic accident. Since then, she’s suffered from PTSD and loneliness. She’s kind-hearted and handsome but dates no one. When she meets Aki at her four-year-old godson’s birthday party, they’re incredibly attracted to one another, and those feelings intensify during a family camping trip – a particularly interesting development for Aki, since prior to that, she’d never considered that she might be a lesbian.

As Aki comes to terms with her sexuality, Carsyn renews a vow to not make the same mistake twice – a mistake that had devastating consequences. With seemingly no middle ground, an accident will bring them together, forcing them to re-examine their priorities. But will love, even love at first sight, be enough for them to move forward as a couple?

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