Nancy Ann Healy

Narrator: Cassandra York    

Untold by Nancy Ann Healy
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Crime & Mystery
Bumbling Bard Creations
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Audible Studios
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Five years have passed since Alex Toles walked away from the covert world of international espionage.

Alex spends her days as an instructor at the police academy, and her evenings coaching the local high school track team. Life in the Toles household has fallen into a familiar routine. Alex and her wife, Cassidy, have built their life around juggling the needs of their teenage son, a precocious seven-year-old, and a pair of equally mischievous twins. Their day to day world seems to hold more challenges and greater rewards for Alex than any case she ever sought to solve. All that is about to change.

A missing teenager’s photography project will lead Alex into the woods of Connecticut and the twisted mind of a sadistic killer. Paired with an unlikely partner, Alex will face old ghosts and new demons as new adversaries shine light on shadows of the past.

Travel with Alex and Cassidy, Claire and Hawk, Rose and Helen, and the crazy Toles clan as they navigate an uncertain world and a growing family. Politicians and agents, moms and children, mishaps and new horizons – every person is part of a story, and some stories refuse to go Untold.

©2017 Nancy Ann Healy and Bumbling Bard Creations - the bookcover and blurb are used by courtesy of the rights holder.

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