E. J. Noyes

Narrator: Abby Craden     Series: Halcyon Division Book 2

Release Date:
Intrigue & Thriller, Upcoming
Bella Books
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Audible Studios
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Halcyon Division
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Last month, intelligence analyst Lexie Martin found out a secret that could ruin lives. After a week on the run from her own government with her maybe-almost girlfriend, Sophia Flores, Lexie was forced to turn herself in and accept her punishment. But that punishment never came….

Aside from Lexie’s confusion about the whys of her release, things seem to be okay—she’s free, back at work, and is officially dating Sophia, which is way better than just okay. But when you embarrass the most powerful man in the country, you risk incurring his petty wrath, and when Lexie is reassigned back into a field position in a hostile country, she’s sure it’s retaliation for knowing the truth and that the president is going to leverage what Lexie did to keep her in line.

Now Lexie has a new mission. Make it home to the woman she loves.

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