Left Field

Elizabeth Sims

Narrator: Dina Pearlman     Series: Lillian Byrd Crime Book 5

Lucky Stiff
Release Date:
Comedy & Humor, Crime & Mystery, Intrigue & Thriller, Mystery
Spruce Park Press
Audiobook Publisher:
Tantor Audio
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Lillian Byrd Crime

Lillian Byrd has been searching her soul after the gut-wrenching experience of killing someone in self-defense. Scrabbling to make ends meet, she takes a job as a quasi detective, solving life’s little mysteries for a pair of eccentric women in one of Detroit’s last prestigious neighborhoods. When she spots a corpse on the next-door lawn, she jumps back into honest work as an investigative journalist. Her friend, Mercedes, reveals that the dead woman, Abby Rawson, played on a women’s softball team she manages and pressures Lillian into taking her spot. Softball turns to hardball when Lillian not only plunges into a love affair with the team’s sought-after pitcher but also goes undercover as an exterminator, a squatter, and a charity worker to investigate Abby’s death and the corrupt medical organization she worked for. No one on the team is above suspicion, and as they get closer to snagging the coveted championship title – and Lillian gets closer to discovering the dark truth behind Abby’s murder – she fights to keep her new love in her life and literally save her own.

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