Justified Vengeance Twisted

Tosh Baker

Narrator: Natsumi Bailey    

Justified Vengeance Twisted by Tosh Baker
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Contemporary, Crime & Mystery, Intrigue & Thriller, Romance
Independently Published
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Brittany Baker
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Imagine yourself as an E.P.A. Agent on a beautiful, autumn morning hiking through the rough mountain terrain of Montana. While bent over, you can hear nothing but the sound of the powerful, flowing river. You are retrieving a water sample from it. In a matter of seconds your life will change. You’ve been snatched up from behind then blindfolded, brutally raped and left for dead. Your will to survive surpasses anything that you have just experienced that day. But your fear to expose this unfortunate reality to the public would have been a humiliation for you. You chose not to share this nightmare with the world. This is what happened to Carmen and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Now imagine yourself as a young girl, hiding inside a closet and peeking through the cracks. Your body is trembling with fear. You wet yourself at the sight of your mother being raped and brutalized. You see a loaded gun inside the closet with you and in a hopeful attempt to save her, you shoot her attacker dead. After running to your mother’s aide, you witnessed the life leaving through her eyes. You have carried this guilt with you through your adult life, wondering had you acted quicker, she still might be alive today. Sierra carried this painstaking reality with her and it’s a feeling, most would never want to experience.

Sierra found Carmen that day on the cold mountaintop and rescued her. After developing a close relationship, they were able to confide in one another. The test of will and the decisions of right or wrong played a powerful role in this exciting tale of vengeance.

Unlike your average Suspense Thriller, you will enjoy getting to know Carmen. She reveals not only her strong nature to survive, but shall entertain the reader with her witty and humorous personality. Sierra on the other hand would be considered the all American cowgirl, who is highly favored by the township in which she grew up in. She is outgoing, with a loving but independent personality. She makes her living working as a tour guide, through the native mountain terrain. Together, this team of women will deliver an amazing story with a twist. Buckle up and enjoy their adventure of friendship, love and justified vengeance.

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