Trusting Eternity: The Sullivan Vampires

Bridget Essex

Narrator: Lynn Devereux     Series: The Sullivan Vampires Book 2, Novella 3-6

Trusting Eternity by Bridget Essex
Release Date:
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romance
Independently published
Audiobook Publisher:
Rose and Star Press
Story Country:
The Sullivan Vampires

What would you do if a chance at love slipped through your fingers? Rose Clyde fell in love with a vampire — but before her love story could unfold, the captivating Kane Sullivan was snatched away from her. But the rebellious heartbreaker, Tommie Sullivan, with her bright green eyes, her sarcastic smile and her spellbinding intensity, is determined to sweep the heartbroken Rose off her feet now that Kane is out of the way. The connection Rose feels for Kane is something she can’t explain, but there’s also something there between her and Tommie. And what if Tommie’s kiss can help her forget Kane?

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