Nancy Ann Healy

Narrator: Cassandra York     Series: Alex and Cassidy Book 6

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Action & Adventure, Intrigue & Thriller
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Audible Studios
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Alex and Cassidy
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Once a spy, always a spy.

Alex Toles and Claire Brackett are back in action. Once rivals, the pair of FBI agents receive a summons from President Candace Reid to the White House. Evidence of forced starvation scattered throughout Russia coincides with a growing military presence in the small Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Concerned about potential Russian aggression in the Baltic States and confronting subversion within her cabinet, Candace turns to Alex and Claire to put the pieces of a growing puzzle together. Looking for answers in the present will mean revisiting the past – a past that seems determined to haunt Claire, Alex, and those they love forever.

Claire makes her way to Europe to infiltrate the inner circle of a group known as The Collaborative. Composed of agents from every global intelligence service, corporate leaders, politicians, oligarchs, and dubious actors, The Collaborative devises plots, dictates policies, installs leaders, and removes them. Claire will need to convince The Collaborative’s newest architect, Pyotr Gregorovich, that she has departed from her alliance with Alex Toles. Her quest will take her across Europe to Kaliningrad and a secret facility that defies everyone’s expectations. Meanwhile, Alex struggles to balance her family’s needs with a growing urgency to pursue the truth – not just for the sake of national security but hoping to uncover the truth of her father’s past.

Enjoy the antics of the Toles’ children. Share some wine with Rose, Cassidy, and Helen. Laugh at the caustic yet affectionate banter between the world’s most unlikely partners. Traverse a world where everyone is searching for more than the truth – for their Identity.

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